Report: 343 Industries coding Halo 2 HD revamp

The Halo franchise is currently one of the most popular properties in all of video game history.

Halo 4 to get special edition Xbox 360

The next installment in the Halo franchise is bound to move a lot of hardware.

Aliens: Colonial Marines will not have female characters

This is sure to strike at least a modicum of controversy.

EA has "100% digital" strategy

Do you believe in a world where you won't be able to go to the store and pick up the latest version of Madden?

Report: Xbox Music to be part Rhapsody, part iTunes

Microsoft's new foray into the world of digital music won't be a one-size-fits-all platform.

50 missions for first season of Halo 4: Spartan Ops

Few video games on the Xbox 360 are as popular and generate as much interest as Halo.

PS3 owners buy the most digital content

More than 15% of PS3 owners have paid for a piece of digital content on their console.

Cliff Bleszinski doesn't see Kinect as fully developed

Developer Cliff "Cliffy B" Bleszinski thinks Kinect still has some maturing to do.

Walking Dead video game gets new episode

The second installment in Telltale's serial Walking Dead game will go live on Friday.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim gets Dawnguard DLC

The first piece of downloadable content for the latest Elder Scrolls title is now available for the Xbox 360.

Microsoft's $99 Xbox 360-Kinect hits retail shelves

It wasn't so long ago that an Xbox 360 would have cost you a pretty penny. But with Microsoft's game console getting rather long in the tooth and the Xbox 720 on the way, prices have dropped significantly.

Xbox 720 might get cable company subsidies

It's possible that when you go to the store to pick up an Xbox 720, you'll pay less than you did for your Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 latest firmware pushed to all consoles

The latest version of the Xbox 360 software has gone live.

Microsoft rejects Motorola lawsuit settlement

This doesn't look good for Motorola in any way shape or form.

Microsoft teases Xbox Live rewards program

You might soon be rewarded for racking up those achievements in your Xbox 360 games.

Rumor: Xbox 720 will have built-in Kinect

Some new details are emerging about Microsoft's next video game console.

Claim: There will be no PS5, Xbox 7202, or Wii U 2

If you think that video game consoles as we know them are on the way out, at least one visionary shares the same thought.

Kinect's NUads aim to revolutionize ad experience

Say goodbye to the passive commercials of yesterday.

Major League Gaming more popular than ever

Professional video gaming in the US continues to gain traction.

Xbox iPhone app becomes mobile remote control

Microsoft is making good on its promise to turn smartphones into a second screen for the Xbox 360.