EA: Don't expect new IP on PS3, Xbox 360

If you were hoping for a brand new Electronic Arts franchise, don't hold your breath.

Windows 8 Xbox launch games revealed

For the first time, a new Microsoft operating system will launch with a slew of new video games.

Zune will be amputated on August 31

Several Zune features will be killed at the end of the month as Microsoft begins to usher in Xbox Music as the predominant media streaming service.

Sony eyes console wars film

Console wars? What on earth? Is that a Star Wars parody like Hardware Wars? Joysticks and controllers shooting each other out in space? 

Video: New Skyrim DLC trailer surfaces

As if there wasn't already enough to do in Bethesda's epic Elder Scrolls V Skyrim game, new downloadable content is on the way.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC stalks September

EA and DICE have confirmed that Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC will go live on September 4 for premium subscribers and PlayStation 3 owners.

Microsoft launches Halo 4 Web series teaser

Get a look at what to expect from Microsoft's Halo 4 hype-building live-action series.

Yes, smartphones are catching up to current-gen consoles

We all know the current console cycle has gone on for far too long, with Microsoft's Xbox 360 hitting store shelves way back in 2005.

Netflix updates Xbox 360 app

Netflix has rolled out a new version of its Xbox 360 app to make it even easier to find your favorite movies and TV shows.

Microsoft slashes Kinect price, Xbox 360 cut may be pending

If you're an Xbox 360 owner in North America who has been thinking about purchasing a Kinect, now may very well be the best time to do so.

State of Decay zombie FPS stalks the Xbox 360

Zombie movies and TV shows have been around for quite some time, but the undead craze has only lately hit the gaming space.

Xbox 360 to get "Election 2012 Hub"

If you're the kind of person who wants all your election news in one easy spot, Microsoft has something for you.

New beta testers wanted for Xbox Dashboard

Microsoft is planning another sweeping overhaul of the Xbox 360 menu interface, and it needs your help to test it.

Video: The diaries of Fable - The Journey

Fable: The Journey - developed by Lionhead and published by Redmond - is the first game in the popular franchise to support Microsoft's Kinect on the Xbox 360.

Silent Hill compilation woes lead to free game

Konami's compilation of classic Silent Hill titles is so bad, the company is offering free content to those who purchased it.

New Tomb Raider game inspired by Hollywood

With the likes of Batman, Spider-Man, James Bond, etc, all getting Hollywood makeovers, there is little to question when video games do the same thing.

Video game sales down except for DS, 3DS

Nintendo's handheld platforms were the only systems to see a sales increase last month.

15-year-old hospitalized after playing Modern Warfare 3 for four days

A 15-year-old teenager from Columbus, Ohio found himself in the hospital without an Xbox 360 after a marathon gaming session left him severely dehydrated.

Skyrim update coming to PS3, 360 this week

Just days after confirming the delay of new DLC, Bethesda has announced that a new Skyrim update will hit both consoles tomorrow.

Gamestop mulls selling "used" digital games