Blizzard skeptical about Xbox 360 for MMOs

Blizzard, the company that pays its way in the world via Starcraft and World of Warcraft subscription fees, said it could be interested in bringing its MMO prowess to the Xbox 360, but wasn't sure the console could handle it.

Kinect helicopter looks like something from the future

What happens when you mount an Xbox Kinect camera on top of a wireless "quadrocopter"? You get one of the coolest contraptions ever documented on YouTube.

Independent game developer sees no difference in Kinect vs Move

So, if you listened to everything Microsoft said about Kinect compared to everything Sony said about PlayStation Move, you'd think they were radically different, diametrically opposing pieces of technology. But when we turn to an actual game developer, the story is much different.

Battlefield game gives away free DLC, with a catch

Developer DICE has put a little something extra in the new Vietnam add-on to the multi-platform video game Battlefield: Bad Company 2. But you'll only be able to get it if other gamers want it as much as you. It'll be automatically unlocked once a certain milestone of online activity has been reached.

Amidst flurry of problems, Xbox modding trial dropped

Matthew Crippen is a free man. After just minutes of a court case into his Xbox modding business, the prosecution has agreed to completely drop the case.

Xbox trial goes on hold after fiery start

It's a rocky start for the 28-year-old dude on trial for charging people to mod their Xbox 360s. Just minutes into the case, the judge began tearing into the prosecution, saying its opening remarks were harmful if not illegal, and completely misled the jury away from facts that are open to interpretation.

Xbox modder goes to trial

28-year-old Anaheim, California resident Matthew Crippen found himself in hot water when prosecutors brought charges against him for charging to mod Xbox 360s. They said that by violating the official software put in place on the system, Crippen could be charged with copyright infringement violations. That case is now officially underway.

Jakks Pacific turns to consoles with Kinectimals

As a move to make its way into the more profitable console world, Jakks Pacific has struck a deal with Microsoft to begin creating special plush animals for the Kinect game Kinectimals.

Xbox 360 wants to double as a cable box

Your Xbox 360 can already play movies, TV shows, games, music, and other online content, but now Microsoft is looking to take it a step further.

Dance Central goes for DLC, here come the Black Eyed Peas

One of the biggest-buzzed games for the Xbox 360's new Kinect camera is Dance Central, an intoxicatingly simple game that allows players to dance without a complicated dance pad or controller.

Move over, Tickle Me Elmo. Kids want iPads this year

They can barely read, but kids as young as six years old are already getting iPad fever. It's the most-wanted consumer electronic gift among the very young demographic.

Kinect already reaches million-sales milestone

Perhaps all of Microsoft's lofty marketing speak and sales goals were a little bit more tethered to reality than one might have thought, as the software giant has announced an important milestone for Kinect.

Does Microsoft's Xbox 360 lack "diversity?"

A DFC Intelligence video game analyst recently claimed that Microsoft's Xbox 360 "lacks diversity," as games for the popular console tend to skew towards first-person shooters. 

Call of Duty devs scramble to fix crippling game bugs

A set of sweeping game updates has already come to the PS3 and PC versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops, and more are on the way, as the Xbox 360 edition of the game, which was the lead platform during development, seems to go by unscathed.

Googler offers cash for Kinect hacks

A Google software engineer is offering two, $1,000 cash prizes for intrepid hackers willing to get down and dirty with Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect.

Kinect wants to track your movements...for advertisers

Did you know thanks to the Kinect motion camera, Microsoft can now see how you play your Xbox 360 games? And it wants to send this information to marketers.

Kinect's first week just shy of a half million

It's a good, solid start fo Microsoft's new Xbox 360 motion camera, but it's only a start. Microsoft probably would have hoped for a bigger injection into the market, but if it keeps this pace it could succeed.

Call of Duty: Black Ops shatters industry sales record

The latest Call of Duty game, which came out just two days ago, has already raked in $360 million in revenue. That's more than any first-day movie opening, video game launch, or any other entertainment release in history.

Call of Duty Black Ops reach over a million on Xbox Live

In the overnight hours of one of the biggest video game launches of all time, Call of Duty: Black Ops became one of the most widely played online games as well.

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