Xbox changes 'indie games' voting structure

Microsoft has changed the way it promotes titles on its "Xbox Live Indie Games" channel.

What type of gamer are you? Now there's an answer

Analyst firm Jon Peddie Research has tackled one of the most common questions in the gaming industry.

Microsoft Kinect developer seeks world record

Most game developers just want to see their name on a top-selling title. This company has a little something more in its sights.

Microsoft eyes free-to-play Xbox Live games

The increasingly popular "freemium" business model for mobile and PC games may be coming to the Xbox 360 in a big way.

Playstation boss slaps Nintendo in the face

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jack Tretton says it's over for the Wii, and the DS is for kids only.

Classic Atari game Warlords gets 21st century makeover

Old-school players may recall Warlords as one of the most addicting four-player Atari games ever created, and now it's getting the modern-day respect it deserves with a 21st century remake heading to the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Has Kinect's success come at the expense of next-gen consoles?

Microsoft's Kinect platform is truly a success on multiple levels. To be sure, Redmond meticulously designed, engineered and marketed the next-gen wireless controller to the masses - offloading a total of 8 million units as of January 4, 2011.

The newest video game controller: your lips (and tongue)

Move aside, Kinect. You're old news, Wii Remote. PlayStation Move, you ain't got nothing on this. The latest video game concept has perhaps the most unique control mechanism ever seen - games that can be controlled by a human's kiss.

Online gamers are...popular, good-looking, and healthy?

The stereotype of gamers being overweight, anti-social kids with no future ahead of them is already kind of becoming a thing of the past, but a new survey really drives that point home with some statistics that blow old preconceived notions out of the water.

Duke Nukem Forever coming out in May

It took what seems like "forever" for the game to come out, but Duke Nukem Forever has finally been slated with a release window.

No, the Xbox 360 isn't a gaming console

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer wants you to know that the Xbox 360 "isn't a gaming console." Rather, Ballmer believes the 360 - along with Kinect - acts as a complete family entertainment center.

The future of mobile processors coming this year

How cliche would it sound to say the future is here? Regardless of our inability to come up with something more clever to say, Qualcomm's next-gen Snapdragon processors are anything but stale.

Microsoft won't sell a dedicated portable game device

Microsoft has confirmed it has no interest in selling any sort of portable Xbox, and will instead focus all of its mobile gaming energy to the new Windows Phone 7 platform.

New Kinect feature turns Xbox avatars into virtual chatters

From day one, Microsoft said the technology that eventually became Kinect would be more than just a new game controller. It'd be a way to revolutionize the entire console experience. It's latest bid to make good on that promise is a feature called Avatar Kinect.

Kinect + old Xbox 360 = red rings of death

If you have an Xbox 360 that was made before the year 2010, be careful before you go out to buy a Kinect and a whole bunch of games. You know what you'll get for those hundreds of dollars? A big headache.

Video: How to play WoW on the Kinect

A talented USC team has coded a Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST), which facilitates the easy integration of full-body control with games and VR applications.

Nintendo Wii draws least console power

It might be too late to factor this in post-Christmas, but a nonprofit research organization has studied the power consumption of the three major game consoles, and found there's a big winner when it comes to energy efficiency: the Nintendo Wii.

Microsoft wants to quadruple Kinect's accuracy

Even though Kinect has been hyped as one of the most sophisticated motion tracking devices in the history of video games, Microsoft is reportedly already looking into ways to make it even better.

New promo: buy Windows Phone 7, get Xbox 360 game

Facing extremely sluggish sales and a not-too-certain future, Microsoft is offering big enticements to get people to join the dark, er, Windows Phone 7, side.

Analyst: Wii 2 tech won't be anything special

Nintendo's performance in this console life cycle can be summed up pretty adequately with these two words: roller coaster. Everyone's curious about where the company will go next, and at least one analyst thinks it won't go above and beyond.