Microsoft denies Xbox Live cloud rumors

Microsoft is denying speculation that its promised cloud storage service for Xbox Live has been rolled out ahead of schedule.

The average gamer is now 37-years-old

The Entertainment Software Association has just released its annual report.

ESA spent $1.1 million in lobbying in Q1

The industry trade group representing the video game trade spent more than $1 million in lobbying in the first quarter of this year.

Microsoft says Xbox only "halfway through" its lifecycle

A high-ranking Microsoft exec says the Xbox 360 is only about "halfway through" its already respectable life cycle.

Kinect will bring interactive ads to Xbox 360

On Tuesday Microsoft announced that it will be bringing interactive ads to the Xbox360 system via the voice-and gesture-recognizing features of Kinect controllers.

Nintendo admits it faked Wii U game footage

You know, I haven't been impressed with Nintendo in, well, just about ages. I much preferred playing Golden Axe on the Sega Genesis than Mario on the NES.

Mass Effect 3 coming March 6, 2012

Electronic Arts has confirmed a release date for the anticipated Mass Effect sequel.

Kinect grows up with core games, new content

Microsoft has just wrapped up its big pre-E3 press conference and while Kinect was yet again the focus, this time it's actually cool.

Two Kinect games leaked ahead of E3 unveiling

At the last minute, someone has finally managed to pop the lid on Microsoft's E3 secrets.

New consoles, surprises, and damage control await at E3

Next week kicks off one of the biggest video game events in the world.

Spike TV to test live streaming to Xbox 360

Next week, for the first time ever, you'll be able to watch a TV show on a game console at the same time it's being broadcast on TV.

E3 rumors peg white Xbox 360, price cuts

Not too much is known about Microsoft's plans at next week's E3 trade show, but there are some new rumors popping up.

Report: Xbox 360 to get full stereoscopic 3D

A new report claims Microsoft will be unveiling full stereoscopic 3D capabilities for its flagship Xbox 360 gaming console at E3 in June.

New Xbox 360 firmware brings headaches, as expected

Several Xbox 360 users are finding themselves unable to play games after downloading a mandatory software update.

Mandatory Xbox 360 update will not work on old units

Microsoft is set to push out an Xbox 360 software update, but not all Xbox 360s will work with it.

LA Noire used to be a six-disc Xbox 360 game

The ambitious open-ended adventure game LA Noire is quite a huge title.

Analyst: Xbox 360 successor could come in 2012

The Xbox 360 will turn seven years old this year, and it's time to start seeking a successor.

Redbox drastically increasing game rental presence

Redbox rental kiosks around the country will soon be stocking video games.

Hulu Plus launches on Xbox Live

If you have an Xbox 360 and a premium Xbox Live Gold subscription, you can now watch Hulu Plus on your TV.

Hulu Plus reportedly coming to Xbox 360 this week

Months after PS3 first got Hulu's premium streaming service, it may finally be coming to Xbox 360.