Xbox gets cozy with Verizon, Comcast

It looks like Microsoft is well on its way to delivering on the promise of offering live TV service on the Xbox 360 by the end of the year.

Xbox 360 to stream live music concerts

Xbox 360 owners will be able to have an exclusive stream of Clear Channel's upcoming iHeartRadio festival.

Xbox Live in Windows 8 is huge for Microsoft

Microsoft is poised to make Xbox Live the most universally acceptable online gaming platform in the world.

Psychological study finds scariest Xbox game

A group called Vertical Slice has just completed what is without a doubt one of the most unique video game studies to date.

Creative director leaves Microsoft's Halo team

In the middle of production for the Xbox 360's next big installment in the Halo series, the group's creative director has left.

Do we really need Halo in 3D?

3D has been hyped (ad nauseam) as the salvation of the movie industry. But will it do anything for gaming - or is the resurrected format little more than a curiosity?

EA head already pessimistic about PS4

The man at the top of one of the biggest third-party game publishers is already talking about next-gen consoles, and not in a good way.

MS: No Xbox 360 price cut in the works

Microsoft has no plans to reduce the price of the Xbox 360 in light of the PS3's recent drop to $250.

MS: Next Xbox may not replace Xbox 360

It's possible that when Microsoft releases its next console gaming platform, it won't outright kill off the Xbox 360.

Microsoft faces class-action Xbox Live lawsuit

Microsoft is coming under fire for its questionable billing practices related to Xbox Live.

Snorting Ritalin to play Xbox 360

Spending all your money and time on console games may be sad, yet somewhat understandable. However, snorting Ritalin just so you can stay awake and play Xbox 360 titles is ridiculous - and quite dangerous. 

HBO Go may come to PS3, Xbox 360, more

You  may very well soon be able to watch HBO from your TV. What a crazy thought.

Borderlands 2 officially announced

The follow-up to cult console hit Borderlands was just made official.

Gamestop takes the convenience out of digital downloads

Gamestop is rolling out a new way to buy PC games but wants you to still come in the store to buy it.

EA calls 3D gaming a flop

As far as EA is concerned, 3D video games have been nothing but a headache.

Half of Netflix users connect via game console

Just how important is Netflix's expansion in developing special apps for different platforms?

Microsoft confirms record revenue as Windows slips

Microsoft confirmed record Q4 revenue of $17.37 billion for the quarter ending June 30, 2011 - an 8% increase from the same period last year.

LucasArts showcases Xbox 360 Star Wars Kinect bundle

LucasArts is showcasing a limited edition Xbox 360 Star Wars console at Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego, California.

Xbox 360 references spotted in Windows 8 kernel

Several strings referencing Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console have been spotted inside the Windows 8 kernel.

New GoldenEye 007 game will debut this month

Goldeneye 007 revolutionized first-person shooter games on home consoles and many gamers have fond memories of it. So why not bring it back one more time?