Modern Warfare 3 numbers continue to blow minds

How many times does a game gross more than three-quarters of a billion dollars in less than a week?

It's the Xbox's 10th anniversay

It was 10 years ago today that Microsoft captured the attention of gamers all around the world with a game console that would change the landscape of the industry.

Halo 4 coming to Xbox 360, not Xbox 720

The man behind the team that's working vigorously on the next entry in the Halo franchise has confirmed it will be coming to the current generation Xbox 360.

Xbox 360 Dashboard update comes to beta testers

Those who signed up to test out the new version of the Xbox 360 firmware are now able to do just that. slated for sweeping facelift

No doubt as a way to correspond with the large changes coming to the Xbox 360 console itself, Microsoft is planning to bring a bundle of new features to its Xbox website.

12% of Americans stream video through PS3, Xbox 360

A stunning 15 million households in the US stream online content to their TV by way of a game console, according to a new report from Strategy Analytics.

Study: Majority of "gamers" don't buy games

While the video game industry continues to sweep in mountains of money, it's only collecting that money from about half of the people who consider themselves gamers.

Lifetime PS3 sales close in on Xbox 360

Sony mantra since launching the PS3 five years ago has been that the console war is a marathon, not a sprint, and the latest sales numbers show it may have known what it was talking about.

Xbox 360 failure rate is twice that of Wii, PS3

The number of people who need to send in their Xbox 360 system for repairs is more than double that of its competitors, despite improvements to the platform that were supposed to fix these issues.

Xbox firmware update may be this week

We may see a major upgrade to the Xbox 360 software faster than expected, with a recent report suggesting it could come this week.

Microsoft turns Kinect attention to edutainment

Microsoft has announced a new initiative to bring "playful learning" video games to the Xbox 360 platform, courtesy of the Kinect motion camera accessory.

Xbox Live accounts hacked by FIFA fans

A swath of Xbox Live users have been subjected to a sweeping - and oddly specific - hacking attack.

Microsoft to offer Xbox Dashboard update preview

Those who just can't wait to get their hands on the newest Xbox 360 firmware will be able to get preview access to help Microsoft test out the slew of new features.

Microsoft buys another indie game maker

Further expanding its library of independent game developers, Microsoft has scooped up a studio called Twisted Pixel.

Xbox update today may pave way for tomorrow

There's an Xbox Live update hitting your Xbox 360 console today but it won't change anything - at least, nothing you can see.

PC gaming is dead, even id says so

If you've been following the video game industry at all over the last several years, you've probably heard that PC gaming is a dying breed, but when this company says it, you need to listen.

Long Islanders, Texans spend most on gaming

An intriguing new study looked at where the most per capita video game spending took place, and ended up with some surprising results.

"Human error" causes Xbox Live outage

Did someone accidentally trip over the master Xbox Live power cable at Microsoft's headquarters?

Leaked video of new Xbox 360 Dashboard surfaces

A major update to the Xbox 360 internal software is expected next month, and a new video reportedly shows off some of the features to expect.

Major Xbox update may happen November 15

A reportedly leaked Paypal memo suggests that the massive fall 2011 Xbox 360 "Dashboard Update" will happen on November 15.