ARM RISC chips to erode x86 market share

A prominent industry analyst has confirmed that ARM's RISC-based chips remain on track to claim a sizable chunk of the lucrative notebook PC market by 2015.

AMD showcases Trinity at Fusion Developer Summit

AMD showcased its upcoming Trinity APU today at the first annual Fusion Developer Summit in Bellevue, Washington.

ViewSonic tablet does Android on Windows

ViewSonic is showcasing a "dual-OS" tablet powered by Intel's Oak Trail processor at Computex 2011.

Cray launches hybrid supercomputing system

Cray has introduced a hybrid supercomputing system that features key components from both AMD and Nvidia.

Apple MacBook still up for grabs in x86-RISC war

Intel CEO Paul Otellini insists Apple isn't going to be ditching x86 processors for RISC-based chips in its MacBook lineup "any time soon."

Intel adopts power conscious strategy to counter ARM

Intel has adopted a power conscious strategy in an effort to fortify its x86 perimeter against an ARM offensive into the mainstream PC market. 

Via debuts power conscious quad-core x86 chip

Via has debuted a power conscious 40nm quad-core x86 processor targeted at the mainstream PC and notebook market.

Why Apple isn't ditching x86 architecture anytime soon

A prominent Silicon Valley analyst has refuted claims that Apple is poised to ditch x86 chips in favor of RISC-based processors for its MacBook lineup.

Rumor: Apple to ditch x86 architecture for laptops

A new report claims future Apple laptops will be powered by RISC-based ARM chips, rather than Intel x86 processors.

ARM to capture 13% of PC market by 2015

ARM-powered processors remain on track to capture approximately 13% of the lucrative PC market by 2015. 

AMD: x86 APUs ready to take on tablet market

AMD says its x86-powered APUs (accelerated processing units) are ready to compete in the lucrative tablet market - a space which is currently dominated by RISC-based ARM processors.

Nvidia gets major props for Project Denver

Nvidia's decision to develop an indigenous ARM-based microprocessor brand has won major props from a number of analysts, including Matthew Wilkins of IHS iSuppli.

Intel gears up for protracted mobile battle

Intel is tapping its formidable x86 arsenal as it prepares a full frontal assault against rival ARM in the mobile market.

Chip Wars: Can x86 and MIPS take on ARM?

ARM-based chips are currently the undisputed heavyweight champions of the smartphone and tablet markets. But could x86 architecture and RISC-powered MIPS processors eventually challenge ARM's virtual lock on the lucrative mobile sector?

AMD fires up its Fusion APUs

AMD has launched its first generation of Accelerated Processing Units (APUs).

Mobile Wars: ARM says Intel's Atom just isn't good enough

ARM CEO Warren East says that Intel's x86-based Atom processor is currently less efficient than RISC-powered mobile chips.

Is Intel too late for tablets?

Intel currently dominates the PC market and is hoping to replicate its success in the tablet space.

Intel eyes iPhone apps for x86-based mobile devices

Intel is reportedly coding a utility that will allow devs to easily port iPhone applications to x86-based mobile devices.

CUPP debuts ARM-x86 Hybrid PC

Have you ever dreamed of owning a rig that combined x86 and ARM architecture onto a single, seamless platform? Well, you can stop fantasizing, because switching between an ARM-based OS and Windows 7 is now as simple as pressing alt+tab.

AMD details "Ontario" and "Zacate" APU specs

AMD has provided preliminary details of its future "Brazos" platform for notebook, netbook and desktop systems.