$500 Asus VivoTab Smart goes up for pre-order

The Asus VivoTab Smart, which runs Windows 8, has gone up for pre-order at J&R and Abt.

Acer debuts $300 Chromebook

There are currently three primary Chromebooks on the market: Samsung's ARM-powered device, Acer's $199 Intel x86-based (Celeron 847) laptop and Acer's $300 C710-2605 which apparently rolled out earlier today.

Intel’s x86 NUC mini-PC priced at $300

The mini-PC market is booming with a slew of ARM-powered Android bare-bones boards - and Intel clearly wants in on the fun, albeit with an x86 twist. 

Yes, ARM-powered Apple Macs are inevitable

Reports of Apple ditching Intel x86 chips for more power efficient ARM-based Macs have been circulating for years now. 

Report: Microsoft prepping Xbox Surface gaming tablet

Microsoft is reportedly prepping an indigenously designed 7-inch gaming tablet tentatively named "Xbox Surface."

AMD adopts ARM architecture to supplement x86 chips

AMD has confirmed that it will be designing 64-bit ARM-powered chips in addition to x86 processors for multiple markets - starting with cloud and data center servers.

Major cash infusion for Calxeda ARM servers

Calxeda first introduced its ARM-powered "EnergyCore" Server-on-a-Chip (SoC) back in November of 2011.  

AMD debuts tablet-friendly Z-60 APU

AMD has officially debuted its Z-60 (Hondo) Accelerated Processing Unit (APU), an x86 chip designed specifically for small form factor PCs and tablets as thin as 10mm.

Analyst: Sleek tablets threaten Intel PCs

A prominent industry analyst has issued a wary assessment of Intel's (x86) PC prospects in a mobile world increasingly dominated by ARM-powered smartphones and tablets.

Intel sees weaker x86 chip demand

"It's worse than everyone expected... Intel's consumer PC business is getting whacked."

Intel is inside this Android Ice Cream Sandwich

The smartphone market is currently dominated by ARM-powered devices, rather than x86 handsets.

Yes, ARM-powered Windows RT tablets will be cheaper

Lenovo recently confirmed what the mobile industry has long suspected: ARM-powered tablets running Windows RT will be $200-$300 cheaper than their x86 Windows 8 counterparts.

Will Qualcomm buy AMD?

Shares of AMD were buoyed nearly ten percent by rumors that Snapdragon master Qualcomm may be interested in acquiring the fabless chip company.

Anand Chandrasekher ditches x86 for ARM

Former Intel bigwig Anand Chandrasekher has joined Qualcomm as chief marketing officer (CMO).

On ARM versus x86: Part II

Yes, there are some downsides to RISC processors.

On ARM versus x86

It seems like everyone in the industry wants to compare ARM (and other variants of RISC processors) to x86 (and other variants of CISC processors).

Apple CPU master returns to AMD

AMD has confirmed the hire of CPU master Jim Keller, a high-level chip architect who previously worked at Apple designing custom ARM-based processors for the iPad and iPhone.

Microsoft touts Windows 8 hardware

The latest iteration of Microsoft's flagship operating system lands this October for x86 PCs and ARM-powered tablets.

Durango Xbox 720 dev kit may be the real deal

A mysterious looking Xbox 720 development kit recently offered for sale online at a cool $10,000 may be real the deal after all.

ARM bullish on FinFET technology

 for SoCs

ARM CEO Warren East says he is unconcerned that rival chip designer Intel has developed a salient lead in process technology over the foundries ARM licensees typically deal with.