The Avengers is officially a winner

The Avengers is currently the most anticipated movie of the year, perhaps even more so than The Hunger Games, Prometheus or Dark Knight Rising.

Wolverine is back

While there are many memorable characters in X-Men, Wolverine was clearly a star making role for Hugh Jackman, who really brought the character to life. 

Can Hunger Games go on without Gary Ross?

As The Hunger Games continues its successful run at the box office, there are reports that negotiations for the second film - Catching Fire - didn’t exactly go smoothly between Lionsgate and Games director Gary Ross. 

Hunger Games loses director

Earlier this week, we reported that Gary Ross, the director of Lionsgate’s Hunger Games, was  "renegotiating" his involvement in the second film (Catching Fire).

The return of the X-Men

The original X-Men movie was a big turning point for comic movies, as the major studios finally began taking the medium seriously. 

From X-Men to The Munsters

For those who aren’t geek inclined, Bryan Singer’s breakthrough was The Usual Suspects, and he also helmed X-Men I and II, along with the 2006 Superman Returns.

On The Wolverine's uncontrollable rage

While out promoting Real Steel this weekend, Hugh Jackman described how the plot of The Wolverine will differ from previous X-Men films.

Marvel season one titles and release dates announced

Marvel has announced the lineup for its upcoming season one series.

On Joss Whedon and the golden age of television

There used to be a big separation between writing for features and writing for television, with TV considered a far more inferior medium.

Marvel reveals post-Schism plans

X-Men: Schism is just the beginning for Wolverine and Cyclops.

The helmets and missiles of X-Men: First Class

The film starts out a little disjointed, but once it picks up steam it’s a powerhouse.

X-Men: When comic book movies stopped sucking

When the first X-Men movie was making a mad-dash rush to the finish line, everything was so top secret, trying to get any advance word on anything was impossible.

The secret to Stan Lee's success

With the recent box office success of Thor, its is clear that Stan Lee's comics and movies are still going strong. 

New X-Men: First Class trailer gives close look at an important scene

It’s not particularly showy, but the new First Class trailer is telling.

Marvel plans for X-Men drama

An upcoming arc in the X-Men comicbook sees Wolverine pitted against Cyclops in a "shades of grey" dispute.

How sci-fi inspires real life tech interfaces

Computer and machine interfaces featured in popular sci-fi films often serve to inspire real world applications.