Patrick Stewart eyes return of Xavier in X-Men

Sir Patrick Stewart may return as Professor Xavier.

Hunger Games loses director

Earlier this week, we reported that Gary Ross, the director of Lionsgate’s Hunger Games, was  "renegotiating" his involvement in the second film (Catching Fire).

Will Fassbender be the new RoboCop?

During a recent interview, Michael Fassbender was asked if he would be interested in playing the role of RoboCop in the upcoming reboot of the classic sci-fi film.

Geeks just can't get enough Blu-ray

It seems as if hardcore sci-fi geeks just can't get enough of their favorite films on Blu-ray.

The helmets and missiles of X-Men: First Class

The film starts out a little disjointed, but once it picks up steam it’s a powerhouse.

Seven more X-Men: First Class clips

Marvel Studios has released yet more clips for the upcoming X-Men prequel, and at this point, I’m really starting to feel like I’ve seen all the good bits.