The Death of Wolverine?

We know that recently Hugh Jackman has talked about inevitably having to walk away from playing Wolverine. Every ride has to end, but it’s going to be strange seeing someone else playing that character. (Then again, we probably thought that same thing about the Adam West era of Batman.) 

Original Wolverine Comic Art To Go to Auction

As we’ve reported before on TGD, there have been a number of geek auctions in the last several years, and for the geek who has big bucks, some incredible stuff has been sold. Several items that come to mind are the original 65mm camera that shot Star Wars, which went for a good six figures, and one of the original Batmobiles, which went for millions.

Hugh Jackman Talks Wolverine

Hugh Jackman came out of nowhere to land the role of a lifetime in X-Men, and it was a wonderful star is born moment when he exploded on the screen. No one in America had heard of him before, but there was no doubt he was the right person to play Wolverine. (The character was originally going to be played by Dougray Scott, the villain in Mission: Impossible 2, but he had to back out when that shoot went way over schedule.) 

From X-Men To Peter Pan

We just reported here on TGD about Ant-Man moving into the July 17, 2015 release that’s been vacated by Batman Vs Superman. As you probably know by now, the release date of B V S has been pushed back nearly a year, and the only other competition that day is a reboot of Peter Pan.

X-Men Days of Future Past: The Sentinels Have Arrived

X-Men Days of Future Past is coming on May 23, and it’s very promising for several reasons. First off, Bryan Singer has returned to helm the franchise. Number two, Peter Dinklage, one of the finest actors around, is in it as Bolivar Trask. Third, this movie has The Sentinels, and full blown pictures of them have just been revealed.

False Alarm: X-Men Will Not Battle the Fantastic Four

Okay, Batman Vs Superman is silly enough, but if there’s any truth to this, it’s taking things way too far. Yes, there is a “report,” which means it has been reported but not confirmed, that there could be a Fantastic Four Vs X-Men movie, a development that had to be inspired by Batman Vs Superman.

X-Men Days of Future Past Cost How Much?

It’s hard to imagine any movie costing as much as Avatar, which at one point was the most expensive movie ever made. There have been some intriguing rumors as to how much Avatar actually could have cost, but the official number is $237 million.

X-Men Taking a Darker Turn in Days of Future Past (Trailer)

We at TGD are very excited that director Bryan Singer is returning to the X-Men series because we felt it took a wrong turn without him. We’re definitely hoping that Singer can bring X-Men back to its former glory, and it will also be great to see Patrick Steward and Ian McKellen returning as well. 

X-Men Screenwriter Onboard For Fantastic Four Reboot

Other than Howard the Duck, what superhero series is in more desperate need of a reboot than The Fantastic Four? Even though the last two Superman incarnations weren’t that great, at least we had two great Superman movies in 1978 and 1981. There have been several attempts already, and we still don’t have a good Fantastic Four movie.

The Avengers and the X-Men Turn Fifty

Thanks to the movie incarnation of X-Men, which turned comic movies around big time, Professor Xavier’s mutants are more popular than ever. And thanks to Joss Whedon’s big screen version of The Avengers, superhero teams have never been hotter.   

Will Marvel Make Hugh Jackman An Offer He Can't Refuse?

As Robert Downey Jr’s renegotiations for the next two Avengers films have proved, it’s very important to have your stars signed up for future superhero movies well in advance. In fact, when an actor is picked to play a superhero these days, he or she usually has to sign on for at least three movies, which is a good thing in this day and age, because you’ll know you’ll be employed for years. 

Wolverine Reviews Are In

Some time back, we reported on TGD that the teaser posters for Wolverine were getting stolen all over Los Angeles, and it does indeed have a very arresting image, done in Japanese sumi ink style, because the story takes place in the far east. Now that the movie is coming out this Friday, what’s the word from the critics? 

The New Evolution of Superhero Costumes

With Man of Steel grossing a world-wide take of $235 million so far, comic book movies are still going strong, and they’re not going away any time soon. The success of modern day comic book movies shows that the genre has come a long way since the days of, say, the ‘60’s Batman TV show.

The case of the missing Wolverine posters

It’s an image we’re seeing everywhere, a black and white sumi ink illustration of X-Men’s Wolverine with his arms crossed and claws beared.

Will the Black Panther superhero fnally get his own movie?

The Black Panther first hit the shelves in 1966 in issue #52 of The Fantastic Four before there was even a Black Panther Party, and he was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

Will Bryan Singer assume control of Star Trek?

When it was announced that JJ Abrams will be directing the next Star Wars movie, many wondered if Abrams could handle both SW and Star Trek. Would the decision hold Trek back for years? And who could take over if Abrams absconded? 

Marvel freebie deal crashes site

We recently reported on a sweet offer Marvel made to comic fans everywhere. For only several days, you could have downloaded 700 debut issues from Marvel’s library for free. This included the legendary debuts of Spider-Man, the Astonishing X-Men, and more.

Download 700 Marvel debut issues for free

The Kindle has truly reinvented the publishing industry and the comic business.

Will X-Men's James McAvoy be the new Crow?

When The Crow became a hit back in the summer of 1994, it was very bittersweet. The film would have made Brandon Lee a big star if he didn’t meet a tragic end during the shoot.

Peter Dinklage joins X-Men Days of Future Past

Peter Dinklage is an amazing actor, and it’s wonderful to see the world recognize this fact, and not just because he's a tad shorter than most.