Chris Carter's Back With The After

With the X-Files, Chris Carter became a household name, and a name synonymous with great genre storytelling. Now he’s back with a new show, The After. The verdict so far? 

X-Files Reunion Rumors Persist

We geeks all remember when The X-Files was the hottest thing on TV, and it was one of those genre shows that managed to crossover to a lot of people, not just sci-fi fans. Producer Chris Carter, who created The X-Files, will soon be back on TV with The After, and there has also been some speculation lately, or at least wishful thinking, about a possible Files reunion.  

Comic Con Cool

So this summer’s Comic Con has already come and gone, and forget Sharknado, this was Geeknado sweeping through San Diego. We at TGD like to call Comic Con geek ground zero, and it’s always a major event when it comes around. 

An X-Files reunion

It’s one of those things that make you feel old, but we were just reminded that The X-Files is now twenty years old. It’s often very hard to make genre work on TV, but sci-fi usually does better than horror, and The X-Files crossed over to all kinds of viewers, becoming a pop culture phenomenon.

Should the X-Files return?

The X-Files was one of those shows that transcended genre. There were many people who weren’t sci-fi or genre nuts who loved The X-Files when it had its reign in the 90’s, and it boasted nearly a decade of success before it finally went off the air in 2002. 

Lance Henriksen set for Hannibal, Gillian Anderson and Gina Torres to appear

Even if you don’t know the name Lance Henriksen you know the face, and you’ve certainly seen him in a number of genre classics.

Henriksen wants a Millennium film

The star of the classic X-Files spin-off serial, which only lasted three seasons on Fox in the late 90’s, reveals that a Millenium film may be in the works.

On the machines and continuances in Fringe

I really do miss Fringe’s weekly episodes. Don’t get me wrong, the current storyline is very interesting.