The Lego Movie Beats RoboCop at the Box Office

We kinda figured the RoboCop reboot wasn’t going to be anything spectacular, but we were still hoping for the best. We also figured that almost any new movie, especially in a month that’s completely dead like February, would do pretty well opening weekend because there’s not that much out there to see right now.

Towards a Wreck It Ralph sequel

With the success of Wreck It Ralph, a sequel would be a given. It’s also the kind of movie that has huge franchise potential, which is what studios look for all the time. So will there be a Wreck It Ralph follow-up hitting theaters anytime soon?

Wreck It Ralph keeps on winning

Wreck It Ralph delivered a great Pixar style idea, a computer animated story inside the world of video games, and it ended up beating Pixar at its own game with terrific reviews and strong box office results.

Wreck It Ralph headed to VoD

Wreck It Ralph is a Pixar style animated family film that takes place in the gaming world, and was quite popular last winter when it hit theaters.

Can Wreck It Ralph grab the Oscar gold?

If summer is time for blockbusters and making tons of money, the fall and winter are when the studios compete for Oscar gold.

Wreck it Ralph is #1 at the box office

The buzz on Wreck It Ralph was very strong up to its release on Friday, November 2.

Wreck it Ralph is on track to be a big hit

As regular TG readers know, we love the good old days of gaming, and have a lot of nostalgia for the times of the coin operated machines, as well as ancient home consoles like Atari and Coleco.

Wreck it Ralph's a winner

For an old school gamer like myself, it’s been quite fun to see advance posters for Wreck It Ralph around the city, because the art is done like old video games with pixelated graphics.

The animated gaming world of Wreck it Ralph

Wreck It Ralph looks like a fun mix of new school animation with old school gaming where you see obvious references to Super Mario Brothers and Q*Bert.