How to move geothermal drilling forward

You might think of it as the, “How to Get Geothermal Over the Risk-Hump Plan.” The idea is to establish a global exploration drilling fund, ideally with some public sector support. What good would it do?

CO2 levels in our atmosphere reach record high

Concentrations of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, driven by man-made carbon emissions, reached a record high in 2011, according to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO).  

Extreme weather set to push food prices much higher

Oxfam is warning that climate change represents a far greater threat to the world's poor than previously believed, because of the effects of extreme weather on harvests and food prices.

OccupyWallSt: America's first Internet-era movement

Many journalists frequently deride the ongoing OccupyWallStreet protests which started in New York City but have since spread nationwide.