How Women Drive Innovation and Growth

Women represent a growth market more than twice as big as China and India combined. They control $20 trillion in global consumer spending, own or operate between 25-33% of all private businesses, and earn an estimated $13 trillion. This "power of the purse" is growing rapidly; expectations are that it will swell to $18 trillion by 2014. For companies that figure out what women want, the future looks rosy indeed. But CTI research reveals that, while most companies target women as end-users, few effectively leverage the talent most likely to ...

More women should work in IT

Women are still falling behind in the information technology and computing job front, which could have an impact on innovation, standards body IEEE said.

Male scientists commit more fraud than women

Men, and particularly senior men, are more likely to commit scientific fraud than women, say researchers - who we have to hope we can trust on the matter.

Female geeks unite!

It's no big news flash that a lot more women have been joining the geek party lately.

Coffee may help protect women against cancer

Harvard researchers have determined that long-term coffee consumption may be associated with a reduced risk of endometrial cancer in women.

Men likelier to fall for Facebook scams

Men are mugs when it comes to Facebook, it seems, engaging in far riskier behaviour and making themselves much more vulnerable to data theft.

Men call the shots on Wikipedia, say researchers

Wikipedia is overwhelmingly dominated by male editors, a new study has found - which is why Sex and the City receives so much less coverage than The Sopranos.

Do women prefer gaming to sex?

A recent survey commissioned by Doritos claims women who play online games prefer their electronic liaisons to taking a bath, shopping, working out and yes, having sex.

Women pop poultry pills to fatten up

There are certain things almost every woman wants: nice hair, straight teeth, and a juicy rear end? Yes, the desire for patootie perfection has women in England taking poultry tablets designed to fatten up chickens in order to plump their rear ends.

Jane is... in the john

Over a quarter of Facebook users admit to making status updates while they're in the bathroom, making location-based services look distinctly less appealing.

Women and socialists understand science better

Women have a better understanding of science than men, and are more likely to heed the expert view that man-made global warming is taking place.

Sadie Hawkins does it her way

Frank Sinatra may have done it his way, but now the spirit of Sadie Hawkins (no, not Sophie B. Hawkins) is doing it HerWay. That's right, ladies!

Playboy goes 3D with naked June centerfold

The June edition of Playboy magazine is scheduled to hit the stores this Friday with a naked, 3D centerfold.

Girls just want to have fun...with Glo!?

Yes, like Cyndi Lauper once said, girls just want to have fun! But do they need Glo to do it?