WinTel tablet paradigm stalls

A joint effort by Microsoft and Intel to challenge Apple's wildly popular iPad in the highly lucrative tablet market seems to have gotten off to a very slow start.

Yes, Wintel (x86) dominance is waning

The dominance of the Intel-Microsoft cartel is slowly waning, with the two industry heavyweights forced to play catch-up with rivals in a brave new mobile era.

Android and ARM are going FTW

Analysts at IDC say they expect a "relatively dramatic" industry shift to occur between 2011 and 2016.

Windows on ARM to challenge WinTel paradigm

ARM RISC-based processors running Microsoft Windows 8 are expected to make an official appearance by the end of 2012 - and could begin seriously competing in the notebook market by June 2013.

ARM processors dominate tablet architecture

Shipments of tablet PCs powered by RISC-based ARM processors are expected to jump by an impressive 211% Y/Y in 2011 to 59.9 million units.

Wintel paradigm threatened by ARM-based tablets

Is the wild success of ARM-based tablets such as Apple's iPad slowly killing the traditional Wintel model?