How to run Android apps on Windows with BlueStacks

BlueStacks has rolled out the alpha version of its App Player for Windows. The software allows users to run their favorite Android apps on Windows-based PCs or tablets.

Polymorphic malware is multiplying

Spam blasts containing "polymorphic malware" coded to disseminate password-stealing banking Trojans have increased significantly in recent months.

Do developers prefer Mac OS to Linux?

Apple’s Mac operating system has reportedly surpassed Linux in popularity as a development environment in North America. 

Qualcomm hopes to make game consoles obsolete

Technology advancement is a path, rather than a destination. Unfortunately, the road is long, rocky and has no speed limit. 

Windows XP market share falls below 50%

Though it is still the world's most popular operating system, Windows XP no longer has a majority of the global OS market share.

Android may be top OS, but Apple is top manufacturer

Google's Android operating system currently claims the largest share of the U.S. consumer smartphone market with a very impressive 39%.

ARM is on a mobile RISC roll

ARM has reported an 18% increase in Q2 revenue ($192 million total), as the UK-based company effectively doubled the number of licenses sold for smartphones and tablets during the first half of 2011.

Microsoft confirms record revenue as Windows slips

Microsoft confirmed record Q4 revenue of $17.37 billion for the quarter ending June 30, 2011 - an 8% increase from the same period last year.

Pranksters hijack Apple storefront in Germany

A group of pranksters posed as construction workers last week to plaster a giant Windows logo acroos the facade of a new Apple retail store in Hamburg.

AMD targets Windows tablet market with Desna

AMD is targeting the potentially lucrative Windows tablet market with a new Z series Fusion APU. 

ARM looks towards the future at Computex 2011

ARM President Tudor Brown says the company's RISC-powered chips will capture 50% of the mobile personal computer market by 2015.

ViewSonic tablet does Android on Windows

ViewSonic is showcasing a "dual-OS" tablet powered by Intel's Oak Trail processor at Computex 2011.

Windows 8 will have a multi-tiered approach

Microsoft is planning to have several different versions of its next Windows operating system.

This Windows "smart" phone can actually do cut and paste

Well, hey now! What have we here? A Windows Phone 7 device actually capable of cutting and pasting text! Be still, my beating heart.

Conficker prompts Windows Autorun lockdown

Microsoft has issued a security patch that changes how earlier versions of its flagship Windows operating system handles security when reading "non-shiny" storage media.

This Samsung Sliding PC has an identity crisis

Samsung has debuted a $700 "Sliding" computer at CES 2011 that can't seem to decide whether it's a PC or tablet.

Is Intel killing x86 architecture?

Microsoft running Windows on ARM SoCs? Nvidia building a RISC-powered CPU? Yes, the industry message to Intel is crystal clear: We will no longer be bound by the shackles of x86 architecture.

Microsoft: Next version of Windows will be ARM-friendly

Microsoft has redefined the traditional x86 Wintel paradigm by announcing that future iterations of its flagship Windows operating system will support ARM-based SoCs.

This iTablet runs Windows 7

Yes, Android tablets may be all the rage at this year's consumer electronics show in Las Vegas. So, we are certainly glad to see AHX Global giving Windows enthusiasts some much-needed mobile love with the iTablet.

Why Microsoft may succeed in the tablet market

Microsoft is struggling to claw a place for itself in the competitive smartphone market which is currently dominated by Apple (iOS) and Google (Android). But will Redmond have an easier time breaking into the lucrative tablet world?