Baldur's Gate gets enhanced edition in September

Baldur's Gate is a role-playing video game (RPG) developed by BioWare and released in 1998 by Interplay Entertainment.

New windows could generate electricity

UCLA researchers have developed a new transparent solar cell that could allow windows to generate electricity.

SMS gets synchronized in the cloud

Get ready to synchronize your SMS messages in the cloud with MySMS, which just rolled out of beta status early this morning. 

Report: Vendors ditch Windows ARM devices over Surface

A new report claims that PC vendors - including Hewlett Packard (HP) - are up in arms over Microsoft's recent decision to enter the lucrative tablet market with its Surface device.

Do PC makers feel betrayed over Microsoft's Surface tablet?

When Microsoft pulled the wraps off its Surface tablet earlier this week, I suspected a number of PC manufacturers were going to be both surprised and upset.

Chrome browser will come to Windows 8

Microsoft wants to be willing to support third-party browsers in its new operating system.

Microsoft sees 350 million Windows 7 devices this year

By the end of 2012, there might be 350 million devices running Windows 7.

US court says Motorola can't enforce Windows injunction

A US judge has ruled that Motorola won't be able to enforce an injunction preventing Microsoft from selling Windows products in Germany.

Windows XP's days are numbered

It's time to start counting down.

Kinect 1.5 update for Windows incoming

An updated version of Microsoft's motion-tracking software optimized for PC applications will be available in May.

Azure Leap Day bug causes chaos

Apparently even in 2012, computer systems can have problems with the idea that February sometimes has 29 days.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview now available

The final beta of Microsoft's new operating system has been released.

Analyst: Ultrabooks are "just more of the same"

A J.P. Morgan analyst remains unimpressed with the current generation of Intel-powered Windows Ultrabooks, which he believes are "just more of the same."

ARM chips away at x86 PCs

Analysts at Sterne Agee are projecting that emerging market growth could shift from x86 PCs to lower-cost WARM (Windows ARM) platforms. 

Microsoft sues big UK retailer for 'counterfeiting'

A major British electrical retailer has been accused of manufacturing and selling counterfeit Windows recovery disks.

Windows App Store is on the way

Microsoft has been firming up its answer to Apple's user-friendly and easily navigable platform for digital computer downloads.

Microsoft touts "Kinect for Windows"

Microsoft sees Kinect's presence in non-gaming environments as a huge potential, but it wants you to bring that potential to life.

Microsoft Surface gets a bit more accessible

Companies wanting to get in on Microsoft's futuristic tabletop computer system can now put their orders in more a slightly more accessible price point than the tens of thousands of dollars it used to cost.

How to make a Facebook-to-Facebook video call in Skype

Sure, we all know that Facebook video calling - launched in July - is powered by Skype. But now you can make a Facebook-to-Facebook video call from within Skype itself.

AMD wants Android on x86 APUs

Google's popular Android operating system is typically associated with RISC-powered ARM devices such as smartphones and tablets.