Windows Phone 7 reaches 30,000 app milestone

It may have had some pretty major snags so far, but developers are still willing to rally behind Windows Phone 7.

Nokia banks entire company on Windows Phone

If the Windows Phone move doesn't end up working out, Nokia says it's pretty much over.

Motorola interested in Windows Phone deal

Motorola seems almost a bit jealous of Nokia's sweetheart Windows Phone deal with Microsoft.

Windows Phone manager quits

The man who was at the top of Microsoft's new mobile operating system has resigned after working at the company for 21 years.

Microsoft slightly tweaks Windows Phone logo

The official logo for Microsoft's new mobile phone platform has been given a mini-facelift.

WP7 Mango dev tools get updated

Microsoft has just released a new version of the software development kit for the updated version of its Windows Phone software, Mango.

Windows Phone Mango to pioneer indoor maps

One of the newest features revealed to be included in Windows Phone Mango is the ability to bring up maps when you're in a mall.

More Windows Phone Mango features revealed

The ability to chat with friends over Xbox Live is just one of the new features coming to Windows Phone's Mango update.

Here's the very first Windows Phone Nokia phone

During a media event today, Nokia unveiled its first Windows Phone-powered mobile device.

What's inside Nokia's Helsinki HQ?

It seems like almost everyone in Finland has worked for Nokia at one time or another.

Finland adapts to Nokia's Windows Phone choice

Despite Nokia's recent 7,000 employee layoff, there seems to be a lot of love for the mega corporation throughout Finland.

Android top dog in smartphone market, iPhone second

According to ComScore’s latest ranking, Google’s Android is the top smartphone operating system in the U.S., with Apple's iPhone (iOS) weighing in at second place and RIM's BlackBerry lagging behind at third.

Microsoft wants expensive apps on Windows Phone

Microsoft thinks there are too many cheap apps out there.

Windows Phone 7.5 will turn apps on their head

We've just gotten a first look at the first major update to Microsoft's mobile operating system.

Windows Phone 'Mango' will have 500+ new features

Tomorrow, Microsoft is set to unveil the new version of Windows Phone and it looks to be a massive update.

Russia believes Nokia Windows Phone will come this year

If you want to be the first to grab a Nokia-branded Windows Phone-powered phone, you may want to head to Russia.

What can we expect with this month's WinPho update?

Microsoft will be holding a Windows Phone 7 event later this month, but will it be enough?

Windows Phone stores your location too

After all the coverage of iPhone and Android location tracking, Microsoft says its mobile platform does the same thing.

Microsoft showcases next-gen SDKs for WP7 and Kinect

Microsoft is showcasing the next version of its Windows Phone SDK at MIX11.

Skype ditches Windows Phone 7

Is Microsoft worse than Apple? Well, that may still be open to debate, but it seems as if Skype has already drawn its own conclusions.