Smartphone owners are becoming the majority

Owning a smartphone is no longer something for the elite and tech junkie crowd.

Xbox firmware update may be this week

We may see a major upgrade to the Xbox 360 software faster than expected, with a recent report suggesting it could come this week.

Nokia officially unveils Windows Phone handset

After months of build-up and several leaked details about Nokia's plan to switch to Microsoft's Windows Phone platform, the company has finally revealed what all the hype has been about.

Somehow, Nokia posts better-than-expected quarter

Although Nokia's most recent quarter earnings report is far from enviable, it did manage to post numbers that were better than what analysts had been predicting.

Microsoft wants manufacturers to pick up WP7 marketing tab

After spending millions of dollars on marketing and getting very little traction out of it, Microsoft now wants the phone makers to help spread the Windows Phone word.

Newest Nokia Windows Phone is the Sun

We're hearing word of what could be the fourth Nokia smartphone to be powered by Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system.

Microsoft flip-flops on Zune again, it's still alive

Microsoft is flip-flopping more than a presidential politician, and it's doing so in record time.

Samsung users have to wait for Mango

It looks like Samsung will continue to be late to the game when it comes to mobile operating system firmware updates.

Microsoft officially kills the Zune

Microsoft has officially declared what many have known to be true for a long time now - the Zune brand of portable media players is dead.

Report: Nokia Ace is latest Windows Phone

The latest speculation surrounding Nokia's still-newly-minted partnership with Microsoft pegs a new phone called the Ace to be released in early 2012.

Windows Phone Mango - only the name sucks

There is a lot of irony in the Windows Phone platform; in fact you can almost use it as a metaphor for what is wrong with Microsoft. 

Windows Phone Mango goes live

The new version of Microsoft's mobile operating system has begun making its way to select Windows Phone owners.

Nokia finally ships N9, with no fanfare

The phone that, in its wildest dreams, would have brought Nokia back to the forefront of the mobile race, is finally ready to be shipped.

Samsung to launch Mango phone next month

Samsung has just confirmed its first phone with Windows Phone Mango pre-intalled will launch next month.

Report pinpoints Mango update to begin on 9/27

Just about one day after Microsoft confirmed that Mango was ready to be peeled in a couple weeks, a report has come out to suggest a specific launch date.

Microsoft updates, explains Mango app rules

Microsoft is gearing up for the release of its new version of Windows Phone, popularly known as Mango.

Windows 8 appears to have phone functionality

While Microsoft's discussion of Windows 8 last week was focused on PCs and tablets, it looks like it may have another function.

Samsung's Windows Phone loyalty in question

The latest mobile scuttlebutt suggests that Samsung will stop supporting Windows Phone if things don't change soon

Microsoft steps up Windows Phone efforts

Microsoft is making a stronger-than-ever push to convince mobile manufacturers to use Windows Phone.

Nokia launches three new NFC, Symbian phones

Nokia still hasn't completely given up on Symbian.