Nokia's first Windows Phone launches in US

The Nokia Lumia 710, powered by T-Mobile, launches today in the US.

Xbox Live might come to iPhone, Android?

One of the most distinguishing and highly differentiated features of Windows Phone might lose its Windows Phone exclusivity.

Windows Phone update hits the airwaves

Microsoft is rolling out another Windows Phone update to fix a number of bugs and glitches in its mobile OS.

First LTE Windows Phone will be on AT&T

Yet again, for some reason, AT&T has the honor of being the first choice for a new mobile initiative.

Nokia Collection invades WP Marketplace

Nokia wants to set itself apart not only as a Windows Phone manufacturer, but a software maker as well.

So much for personalized WP7 game recommendations

Don't pay too much attention to that list of "Related" games when you're searching through the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Windows Phone now has 50,000 apps

Sure it may not have passed the half-million mark like Apple's App Store, but Windows Phone's digital download platform has reached a nice new milestone.

Windows Phone-powered Nokia phone to debut on T-Mobile

T-Mobile is finally back in the spotlight again as the flagship carrier to offer a Windows Phone-powered Nokia handset in the US.

Nokia exec's misguided opinions about iPhone, Android

A new interview with a high-ranking Nokia executive shows the company is either out of touch with the smartphone competition or just hitting the PR spin button a little too hard.

Nokia to debut first US Windows Phone tonight

After gaining a good deal of traction in Europe, Nokia is now ready to unveil its flagship Windows Phone-powered product to the States.

Yet another Windows Phone bug plagues OS

In the latest vulnerability discovered in Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system, it is possible for a user's messaging capabilities to become completely disabled.

T-Mobile, Nokia plan joint event next week

Invitations have been sent out for an event in New York City, promising that "T-Mobile and Nokia have something exciting in the works."

Windows Phone on downward spiral

Ahead of a major new move with Nokia, Microsoft's mobile platform is not heading in the direction it wants to be.

ESRB finally offers mobile ratings, without Android, iPhone

After years of trying to rediscover itself in a world that is no longer monopolized by packaged retail video games, the ESRB will now rate mobile apps.

Android activations reach 200 million

The number of Android devices that have been activated has doubled in just six months.

Nokia will make a Windows 8 tablet

The new relationship between Nokia and Microsoft looks like it will extend beyond Windows Phone.

Windows Phone wins over Blackberry devs

For the first time, developers are more interested in creating apps for Windows Phone than Blackberry, a further punch in the gut to the fledgling Research in Motion smartphone line. slated for sweeping facelift

No doubt as a way to correspond with the large changes coming to the Xbox 360 console itself, Microsoft is planning to bring a bundle of new features to its Xbox website.

Samsung exec jumps to Windows Phone

Microsoft has managed to yank one of Samsung's senior executives as it tries to bolster attention and excitement for Windows Phone.

Microsoft eases Mango hardware requirements

In an effort to drum up more enthusiasm from manufacturers about the latest version of Windows Phone, Microsoft has relaxed the requirements for licensing the software.