Why your next smartphone might be Windows

Microsoft made some rather interesting improvements to its Windows Phone platform this week, with Nokia showcasing most of them in its new Lumia 630 phone.  

Shock: Windows Phone 8 does pretty well

Microsoft missed out on the smartphone gravy train, but now it seems as if Windows Phone 8 might have a bright future after all. 

Nokia buoyed by Windows Phone 8 Lumia smartphones

Nokia has published its fourth-quarter financial results which were buoyed by better-than-expected mobile sales and exceeded industry expectations.

Is Nokia's 920 the most innovative smartphone?

Nokia's 920 Windows 8 Phone may be the best handset currently on the  market, at least in terms of features. 

Report: Windows 8 sales are less-than-stellar

Sales of Microsoft's flagship Windows 8 operating system are reportedly hovering "well below" Redmond's internal projections.

Steve Ballmer says Windows Phone 8 will ramp "quickly"

Although Redmond's Windows mobile platform has experienced difficulty competing with Apple's iOS and Google's Android, Steve Ballmer says he expects Windows Phone 8 sales to "ramp up" in the near future.  

The Xbox games of Windows Phone 8

Gameloft will be coding a number of  Xbox-enabled titles for Microsoft's recently launched Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system.

Microsoft touts Windows Phone 8

Microsoft - in a major effort to improve its flagging mobile market share - today unveiled the latest iteration of its Windows Phone software. 

Verizon grabs Lumia 822 exclusivity

Nokia has partnered with Verizon to become the exclusive carrier of its most recently announced smartphone, the Lumia 822.

HTC's 8X Windows Phone price reportedly leaked

HTC's latest and greatest Windows Phone device could carry an unsubsidized price of around $560.

Windows Phone 8 will officially launch 10/29

The next iteration of Microsoft's mobile operating system has been granted an official release date.

Microsoft Surface-branded smartphone rumors surface

It's believed that Microsoft will launch its own branded smartphone in the early part of 2013.

HTC's 8X Windows Phone 8 phone goes to AT&T

HTC's latest and greatest attempt at gaining the attention of the Windows Phone market will be available on AT&T.

HTC announces its first Windows Phone 8 phones

They just keep on coming, don't they?

Microsoft gives Oprah treatment to employees

"You get a Windows 8 Phone, you get a Surface tablet...everybody gets a Microsoft device!"

Nokia introduces Windows Phone 8 phones

The next iteration of Windows Phone is here.

Samsung first to unveil Windows Phone 8 device

Samsung's revealed the world's first first Windows Phone 8 smartphone, along with other devices including a Windows RT tablet, a Galaxy 'phablet' and an Android-powered camera.

Nokia further teases Windows Phone 8 event

Nokia has posted what it hopes will become a viral video, ahead of the launch of Windows Phone 8.

Verizon to offer Windows 8 Phones this year

Verizon is fully in support of Microsoft's new mobile operating system.

Nokia to hold Windows Phone 8 event

Nokia is planning a media event in early September, with the only rational assumption being that it will announce the world's first Windows 8 phone.