Motorola still plays nice with Microsoft despite lawsuit

Even though Microsoft has slapped Motorola with a huge lawsuit over patent disputes with the Droid, Motorola's co-CEO is saying the company still plans to support Microsoft's fledgling mobile business when Windows Phone 7 launches later this year.

Microsoft confirms Oct 11 as Windows Phone 7 launch

It's unlikely to be greeted with the same enthusiasm as the launch of Android or the iPhone, but October 11 will be a monumental day for Microsoft as it begins its last big chance to regain relevance in the mobile phone market.

Microsoft sues Motorola over Android patents

Microsoft has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Motorola, accusing it of using its technology in Android phones.

Samsung very on board for Windows Phone 7

Samsung has officially announced its plans to support Microsoft's new mobile operating system, calling Windows Phone 7's upcoming launch a "significant milestone" in its own mobile history.

Windows Phone 7 to move toward enterprise customers

Regardless of whether or not Windows Phone 7 becomes a success among regular consumers, Microsoft has already written the next step in its playbook: trying to woo the nearly impenetrable enterprise market.

Windows Phone 7's release date is November 8: report

Microsoft has remained mum on when exactly its new mobile phone operating system will launch in the US, but a new report suggests it will be on Monday, November 8.

Microsoft says no tethering for Windows Phone 7

Is the Balmy Ballmer sitting in his Redmond Fortress of Solitude thinking of ways to make Windows Phone 7 suck even more than it already does?

Nokia exec hella hates Android

Outgoing Nokia exec Anssi Vanjoki hella hates Android and doesn't plan on using the popular mobile OS anytime soon.

Verizon won't sell Windows 7 phones until 2011

Shock! It seems as if Verizon is relatively unenthusiastic about Windows Phone 7. Indeed, the carrier has refused to sell devices based on Redmond's latest (crappy) mobile OS until at least 2011.

Yes, Windows Phone 7 is doomed

Windows Phone 7 may not fail as utterly as the hipster-oriented Kin. But the overhyped smartphone platform is doomed nonetheless.

Microsoft employees dance at mock iPhone funeral

No, we are not making this up. Microsoft employees really did dance at a mock iPhone funeral held to commemorate the launch of Windows Phone 7. Click here to watch the shocking video. Warning: Really bad dancing alert.

Microsoft releases Windows Phone 7

Forget about iOS, BlackBerry, Android and Symbian! Microsoft wants you to know that it has released the RTM version of Windows Phone 7 - to manufacturers.

Microsoft hypes Windows Phone 7 before launch

Redmond's overpaid marketing hacks are once again spinning the gilded PR wheel for all it is worth. That's right, Microsoft wants you to forget all about the embarrassing Kin debacle and focus on its newest Savior: Windows Phone 7.

Windows Phone 7 outgaming the competition

Microsoft is leveraging its Xbox LIVE gaming universe to set its mobile strategy apart from the competition. It just might work.

First Xbox Live games for Windows Phone 7 announced

Microsoft's announced the first Xbox Live games to be made available for Windows Phone 7 when the new operating system launches later this year.

Windows Phone 7 coming in October, hitting Europe first

The first solid details on when we can actually expect a Windows Phone 7 phone to be on the market have finally surface, with Microsoft claiming that the platform will officially launch in October in Europe.

Microsoft wants devs to code Phone apps in their spare time

Yesterday we reported that Microsoft was pimping out free Windows 7 phones to its employees. Today we learned that Redmond expects hard-working MS devs to code Phone apps in their spare time.

Dell, HTC, LG, Samsung: Welcome to Windows Phone 7

While there's still shockingly few details about the launch of the Windows Phone 7 platform, Microsoft has now at least revealed a list of manufacturers that will be producing the first set of Phone 7 handsets.

Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft vs. HP: The Unfortunate Truth of the Smartphone

Antennagate aside there is an interesting problem that the market is having trouble dealing with. That problem is that Apple’s model, after nearly two decades of thinking it was obsolete, is working pretty damn well. 

Can Windows Phone 7 take on Android and Apple?

Thousands of Windows Phone 7 prototypes manufactured by a number of industry heavyweights - such as Asus, LG and Samsung - are currently making their way to developers.