Radio Shack gets Windows Phone 7

In an effort to further increase its presence in the retail space, three Windows Phone 7 devices have just found their way to Radio Shack, one of the country's top retailers for mobile phone sales.

Windows Phone 7's gaming should make it sell, but is it?

It's a number that is lukewarm at best for Microsoft's much-anticipated new mobile platform. According to reports, the company sold 40,000 units in launch sales. That spans the handful of devices and two mobile carriers that put Windows Phone 7 phones in stock this week.

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 launch fizzles and fazzles

It seems as if Microsoft only managed to offload 40,000 over-hyped Windows Phone 7 devices on launch day - despite spending a whopping $100 million on the doomed platform’s advertising campaign.

Windows Phone 7 HTC HD7 sells out

It appears to have been a successful launch for the Windows Phone 7 platform yesterday, as one of the handsets has already sold out. T-Mobile is no longer able to immediately fulfill orders for the HTC HD7 phone.

Windows Phone 7 officially launches in US today

Microsoft's new mobile operating system is now live and kicking in the US. Mobile retailers and Best Buy have flagship launch units in stock, though today is more about the platform as a whole than it is about specific products.

Dell scraps 25,000 corporate Blackberries

In another blow to the future of RIM's Blackberry brand, Dell has announced it will terminate its corporate Blackberry contract and will give all of its employees brand new Dell mobile phones as a replacement.

Windows Phone 7 sells out in Europe

If Europe is any indication about the latest technology (we wanted to insert a joke about Europe being behind the times here, but didn't), then Microsoft may have a bona fide hit on its hands. The first handsets to use the new operating system are selling out around the continent.

Game developer id Software doesn't like Windows Phone 7

Even though Microsoft would have you believe Windows Phone 7 is the most powerful video game platform on a mobile phone, leading PC game developer id Software and lead designer John Carmack disagrees.

Can Windows Phone 7 run apps with the screen off?

Running third-party apps on a smartphone with the screen turned off may seem like a no-brainer to those using an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android device. But as usual, Microsoft is quite (unfashionably) late to the party.

Kindle app confirmed for Windows Phone 7

After making waves on virtually every other smartphone platform out there, Amazon has created a Kindle app that will be available with the launch of Windows Phone 7 in the US in November.

Steve Ballmer says Windows Phone 7 will make you go "ooooh"

Steve "Balmy" Ballmer apparently believes that Windows Phone 7 will make the unfulfilled masses tremble with pleasure and utter a soft "ooooh."

Nintendo calls iPhone gaming a threat, Windows Phone 7 not so much

Nintendo is finally admitting that the iPhone is taking a big bite away from its dominance in the market of handheld gaming. But it's not quite as worried about Microsoft's upcoming game-centric mobile platform.

Gameloft announces four titles for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft wants Windows Phone 7 to be THE platform when it comes to mobile gaming. It wants you to throw away any notion you have that iPhone gaming is cool. That'll be tough, but at least Gameloft is helping it realize that ambition.

Ballmer says Microsoft mobile needs a "lot of work"

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has acknowledged that Redmond faces an uphill (if not Sisyphean) battle to promote its Windows Phone 7 platform in the crowded mobile marketplace.

AT&T to give Zune content to people who buy Windows Phone 7

You know who stands the most to gain with a high-profile mobile platform launch? How about the guy that's losing out on its biggest exclusivity deal of all time.

TG Daily overrun by rabid Microsoft fanbois

It seems as if TG Daily has been overrun by hordes of rabid Microsoft fanbois who are seething over a recent Windows Phone 7 article.

Microsoft, no one wants your scrubby Windows Phone

Do you know anyone who is waiting with bated breath for Microsoft to launch Windows Phone 7 on November 8th? 

Zune software going to Macs. Heads explode

For the first time since the introduction of Microsoft's Zune media player several years ago, the platform that was once seen as a direct rival to iTunes will be going to Apple's computer operating system.

AT&T brings live TV to Xbox 360

Live TV is now available through the Xbox 360, with the news that AT&T plans to make its U-verse TV service available on the console.

Windows Phone 7: The power and danger of choice

Today a large number of Windows Phones were launched - but one of Apple’s greatest disadvantages and one of their greatest advantages is the limited choice of their phone.