Windows 8 likely to come in October

Apparently the next major evolution in Microsoft operating systems is about nine months away.

Will high prices thwart WinTel tablet sales?

Windows-based tablets powered by Intel x86 processors may ultimately be priced in the $600-$900 range.

Nvidia hella loves Android (and Windows 8)

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has seen the future of mobile devices - and it is Google's versatile Android operating system.

ARM-powered notebooks poised to ramp

Analysts at Nomura Equity Research project that ARM-powered processors will make serious inroads in the notebook computer market by 2013.

Eye-control add-on for Windows 8 launched

A controller developed for Microsoft's new Windows 8 OS uses eye-tracking to control the cursor, and blinking to substitute for a mouse-click.

Tablets jumpstart the PC industry

The tablet category has significantly expanded its role in the lucrative mobile PC market, with shipments hitting 72.7 million units and accounting for 25.5% of mobile PC shipments in 2011.

Users are finally getting rid of Windows XP

Windows XP's market share is setting new record lows at a record pace.

Windows 8 beta will launch in February

It appears as though progress on Microsoft's new operating system is coming along smoothly, as the company is ready to open it up for beta testing in just a couple months.

Is Windows 8 irrelevant?

Windows 8, which runs on both ARM and x86 (AMD/Intel) chips, is perhaps one of the most hotly anticipated OS upgrades in recent memory.

Dell kills the Streak

For Dell, the fun of Streaking is over. It looks like the company was just not able to sell consumers on the "Streak" tablet brand.

Windows App Store is on the way

Microsoft has been firming up its answer to Apple's user-friendly and easily navigable platform for digital computer downloads.

Indie devs code an x86 Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Indie devs are currently coding an x86 iteration of Google's popular Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4) operating system for mobile devices powered by AMD and Intel chips.

Windows on ARM to challenge WinTel paradigm

ARM RISC-based processors running Microsoft Windows 8 are expected to make an official appearance by the end of 2012 - and could begin seriously competing in the notebook market by June 2013.

Pachter: No Xbox 720 in 2012

A prominent industry analyst believes Microsoft has little interest in replacing its flagship Xbox 360 with a newer console in 2012.

Windows 8 upgrades will supposedly be super fast

If you're hesitant to upgrade your Windows computers because it's such a time-consuming hassle, Microsoft is speaking to you.

Microsoft: Reboots will be less common in Windows 8

Time for your computer to update? Well you better make sure you've saved everything because it's gonna automatically restart soon. Sound familiar?

Nokia will make a Windows 8 tablet

The new relationship between Nokia and Microsoft looks like it will extend beyond Windows Phone.

Microsoft takes the Apple route with Xbox 720

A new report claims that Microsoft's next-gen Xbox (aka Project Ten, Loop, Next and 720) will feature "tight integration" with Windows 8 when it hits store shelves in late 2012.

ARM processors dominate tablet architecture

Shipments of tablet PCs powered by RISC-based ARM processors are expected to jump by an impressive 211% Y/Y in 2011 to 59.9 million units.

Windows 8 is a big freaking deal for Microsoft

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about Windows 8, and Microsoft keeps giving us more.