Intel details Windows 8 tablet specs

The lucrative tablet market is currently dominated by Apple’s ARM-powered iPad. However, the advent of Windows 8 is likely to usher in a new era of x86-based devices.

Can Windows 8 tablets eke out mobile market share?

Apple's iPad continues to dominate the mobile market and is expected to account for 61.4% of worldwide media tablet sales in 2012 - despite the advent of Windows 8 and Amazon’s popular Kindle Fire. 

Video: Windows 8 is all about touch

Microsoft's touch language for Windows 8 PCs requires digitizers that support a minimum of 5 fingers. 

Windows 8 "bloat" prompts Qualcomm GPU search

A new report indicates that Qualcomm has decided to use an Imagination GPU for its quad-core S4 mobile Snapdragon chips.

Are iPads ramping past PCs?

Sales of Apple's wildly popular iPad are ramping at an accelerated rate of 156% year over year.

Windows 8 rumored to launch in October

The Consumer Preview of Windows 8 launched right on time, so now it's time to nail down the final launch date.

Microsoft redesigns IE for a new Metro age

Redmond has revamped it flagship Internet Explorer (IE) 10 browser to match the style and feel of Windows 8 Metro - a slick UI targeted at tablets and other mobile devices.  

Anticipation builds for Windows 8 tablets 

The mainstream tablet market is currently limited to two primary operating systems: Android and iOS. 

Nokia design head talks Windows 8 tablet

Nokia has confirmed that it is working on a Windows 8 tablet, and has provided new details.

Google confirms Metro version of Chrome

Google is toiling away at a Windows 8 Metro-optimized version of its Web browser.

Nokia plans to offer Windows 8 tablet: report

Nokia has had so much success with its Windows Phone push, it's deciding to show Microsoft even more love.

Samsung to offer Windows Phone 8 devices

Samsung is apparently quite interested in the next update to Microsoft's mobile phone platform.

Rumor: Xbox 720 may have Windows 8 interface

The pictures you've been looking at of Windows 8 may end up looking like the picture you're soon to see of the next Xbox.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview now available

The final beta of Microsoft's new operating system has been released.

Mozilla’s Firefox is going Metro

The Mozilla Foundation is coding a specialized version of its flagship Firefox browser for Microsoft Windows 8 Metro. 

Windows 8 logo is redesigned

That classic colored flag of red, green, blue, and yellow is being kicked aside for Windows 8.

What you can expect from Windows 8 on ARM

Microsoft exec Steven Sinofsky explains what devs and end-users can expect from Windows 8 on ARM (WOA) devices as Redmond preps the first RISC-friendly versions of its flagship OS.

Windows 8 won't have a Start button

That iconic little button at the lower-left corner of your computer screen is soon to be no more.

Microsoft eyes Kinect for Windows 8 mobile devices

Personally, I think one of the coolest devices Microsoft came up with in the last several years is its Kinect platform.

Windows 8 is ready for ARM

Microsoft has reportedly finished coding a stable version (or possibly versions) of Windows 8 for ARM-powered mobile chips, such as those manufactured by industry heavyweights Nvidia, Qualcomm and TI.