LG rolls out 23" touch-screen monitor for Windows 8

The hype surrounding Microsoft Windows 8 has been centered primarily around tablets and laptop hybrids.

Survey shows little consumer interest in Windows 8

Survey claims consumer demand for Microsoft's flagship Windows 8 operating system is less-than-stellar.

Microsoft Surface goes on sale at midnight

Microsoft's ambitious attempt at competing in the tablet war will be official as soon as the calendar ticks to October 26.

Is Apple becoming Compaq? The Big Bang launch problem

I watched the Big Bang launch that Apple pulled off earlier this week with both excitement and trepidation. 

Yes, Windows 8 will lag behind Android 

The year is 2015 and Microsoft's flagship Windows 8 OS is in third place - lagging behind Google's Android and Apple's iOS. 

Asus TaiChi has dual display, runs Windows 8

Asus has officially confirmed pricing and availability for its TaiChi laptop which boasts dual 1080p IPS displays.

AMD's Hondo APU powers new Fujitsu Windows 8 tablet

Fujitsu has introduced its Stylistic Q572 Windows 8 tablet which is powered by AMD's Z-60 (x86 Hondo) APU.

LG's H160 Windows 8 tablet has a pop out keyboard

Portly Windows 8 tablet boasts a pop-up display.

Skype for Windows 8 to debut 10/26

A Windows 8 version of Skype, and the first major overhaul for the platform since Microsoft's acquisition, will go live on October 26.

Microsoft's Surface RT tablet isn't $199

Windows 8 enthusiasts have been hoping for months that Microsoft would be offering its Surface RT tablet at a low price point, which would allow the device to more effectively compete against the plethora of Android tablets on the market.

PCs-on-a-stick: Is their niche too small even for them?

In recent months there have been almost a dozen announcements about new ultra-small, ultra-cheap, ARM-based, PCs-on-a-stick, but I wonder if there really is a big enough market for these pint-sized PCs.

Acer's "floating" AIO PCs run Windows 8

Acer has introduced a pair of new all-in-one computers designed specifically to run Windows 8.

Xbox Music to start rolling out tomorrow

Microsoft has released details of its Xbox Music service, offering access to around 30 million songs worldwide.

Dell XPS Duo 12 convertible ultrabook hits pre-order

Slick rotating screen Dell XPS Duo 12 ultrabook convertible is now up for pre-order.

MS plans $1.5 billion in Windows 8 marketing

Microsoft has a humongous budget to promote Windows 8.

Vizio goes touch with Windows 8 AIO lineup

The folks in Redmond have spent a lot of time making sure that Microsoft Windows 8 is optimized for touch navigation.

Kupa's UltraNote is a tricked-out Windows 8 tablet

Kupa's UltraNote - which launches in November - is one tricked out Windows 8 tablet.

Acer's Iconia W510 is a Windows 8 tablet PC

Acer has introduced a Windows 8-powered tablet PC dubbed the Iconia W510.

Windows 8 shows up early on HSN

Of all the places you might expect the latest technological advancement to show up first...the Home Shopping Network isn't usually the first that comes to mind.

Acer's Iconia W700 Windows 8 tablet has an $800 price tag

Acer's Iconia W700 Windows 8-powered tablet will cost between $800-$1,000 - depending on options.