OLPC outlines future device specs

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) organization is currently prepping its next-gen XO-3 tablet, which could feature solar charging, satellite Internet and external keyboard capabilities. 

ARM RISC chips to erode x86 market share

A prominent industry analyst has confirmed that ARM's RISC-based chips remain on track to claim a sizable chunk of the lucrative notebook PC market by 2015.

Microsoft says no to WP7 tablets

A high-ranking Microsoft exec says Windows Phone 7 is a handset-specific operating system and was not designed to power tablets.

Xbox 360 references spotted in Windows 8 kernel

Several strings referencing Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console have been spotted inside the Windows 8 kernel.

Steve Ballmer to present 2012 CES keynote

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer will return to the stage as the headline speaker at next year's Consumer Electronics Show.

For Qualcomm, dual-core SoCs are just the beginning

A "leaked" Qualcomm roadmap indicates the company is preparing to shift its mobile chip efforts into overdrive.

Unfazed Intel to press ahead with MeeGo

Nokia may have launched its first and last Meego-powered smartphone, but Intel remains determined to press ahead with the development of its versatile Linux-based operating system.

Intel preps Cloverview for Windows 8 deployment

Microsoft's RISC-friendly version (or versions) of Windows 8 may have shattered the traditional WinTel paradigm, but Intel is preparing to meet its ARM rival in battle nonetheless.

Industry heavyweights prep ARM-based notebooks

A number of industry heavyweights - including Samsung, Toshiba, Acer and Asus - are reportedly prepping ARM-powered notebooks for the mainstream PC market.

Leaked Windows 8 build shows Microsoft going FTW

A leaked version of Windows 8 (build 7989) seems to indicate that Remdond is finally getting serious about coding a halfway decent operating system.

Windows 8 likely coming out fall 2012

There are new details about exactly when Windows 8 will be hitting store shelves.

Analysis: Acer gets a dose of Android tablet reality

Many journalists and analysts have questioned if there is a viable tablet market aside from Apple's wildly popular iPad.

Report: Microsoft wants its own Windows 8 tablet

Microsoft is reportedly mulling over the possibility of launching its very own Windows 8 tablet.

ARM + Windows 8 = 40% notebook market share?

Can power-conscious ARM chips paired with a RISC-friendly version (or versions) of Windows 8 capture 40% of the lucrative notebook market by 2015?

Does MeeGo have a future?

An industry insider claims the nascent MeeGo operating system will be dead within 8 months.

Qualcomm says it is ready for Windows 8

Qualcomm has confirmed that its upcoming lineup of Snapdragon processors are "designed" to power mobile devices running Windows 8.

Microsoft gives first official look at Windows 8

Microsoft is letting the world see the beginning of what Windows 8 will bring to the table.

Report: Windows 8 tablet to be unveiled next week

Microsoft may be ready to lift the curtain on Windows 8 as a tablet platform by the end of this month.

Windows 8 targeted for 2012

If you're just now getting used to Windows 7, check out this good news.

Microsoft slams Intel over Windows 8 "leak"

Microsoft has criticized Intel for leaking "misleading" information about the next version of Redmond's flagship operating system.