AMD’s FX chip and the autobahns of Windows 8

I was looking at the benchmarks of AMD’s new FX chip - which generally place performance between Intel’s I5 and I7 - when something immediately jumped out at me. 

Apple melts Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich

Google understandably has high hopes about its upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich.

Windows 8 developer tablets show up on Ebay

We could have seen this coming a mile away.

Windows 8 appears to have phone functionality

While Microsoft's discussion of Windows 8 last week was focused on PCs and tablets, it looks like it may have another function.

Analyst: Microsoft tablets will control 15% of market

Just a couple days after Microsoft lifted the veil on its new tablet-optimized software, at least one analyst is already predicting bold things.

Ballmer says Windows 8 is all about the cloud

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told developers attending BUILD that Windows 8 would be a "re-imagining" of Redmond's flagship operating system, with every other product "pivoting" around the long-awaited OS.

Qulacomm details next-gen Snapdragon chips

Qualcomm has outlined its plans for the next generation of RISC-based Snapdragon processors, which will boast significantly higher speeds and optimized graphics.

The advent of Windows 8 Ultratablets

This week we have warring conferences as Microsoft and Intel scheduled their developer events on top of each other. This means there are a massive number of us trying to be in two places at once, mostly unsuccessfully.

Microsoft embraces ARM at BUILD

Intel may be celebrating all things x86 at its annual developer forum in San Francisco, but that didn't stop Microsoft from talking up ARM in all of its RISC-based glory at the BUILD conference in Anaheim.

Microsoft showcases Windows 8 at BUILD

Microsoft kicked off its BUILD conference in Anaheim, California, by showcasing a detailed preview of Windows 8 to eager devs.

Microsoft tablet plans mature with Windows 8

At Microsoft's BUILD show this morning, the company gave a lot of insight into what everyone has been waiting to see - Windows 8.

Windows 8 boots in just seconds

The latest iteration of Microsoft's flagship Windows operating system is apparently capable of booting in just seconds.

Is Intel threatened by Microsoft's Metro?

Divorces are never pretty and the very public WinTel breakup was certainly no exception.

Analyst: iPad killer on hold until Windows 8

A prominent J.P. Morgan analyst doesn’t believe the mobile market will be capable of fielding an iPad killer until Windows 8 tablets arrive in late 2012.

Report: Samsung to announce Windows 8 tablet

The flagship entry into the tablet world for Windows 8 may take center stage as early as next week.

Nvidia talks Tegra, Windows 8 and tablets

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang says that his company's Tegra processor will be in both tablets and PCs running Windows 8 by the end of 2012.

Microsoft details Windows 8 UI

Microsoft exec Steve Sinofsky has taken to the blogosphere in an effort to explain the revamped UI (user interface) powering Redmond's long-awaited Windows 8.

Microsoft confirms Windows 8 app store

There will be a centralized online hub, managed by Microsoft, for Windows 8 users to find, purchase, and download software from any publisher.

Microsoft wants a Windows 8 dialog

Microsoft has kicked off a Windows 8 dialog with developers and hardware manufacturers as it prepares to divulge additional OS details at the upcoming BUILD conference in September.

Are operating systems losing their bloat?

It seems as if PC operating systems are losing their historic bloat as companies like Microsoft work to streamline endless lines of code.