A somber celebration for Windows XP's 10th birthday

This week marks 10 years since Windows XP was first released, but not everyone is reeling with excitement.

Windows 7 to dominate PCs by the end of 2011

Microsoft Windows 7 remains on track to become the leading operating system (OS) in the PC market - running on approximately 42% of systems by the end of 2011.

Windows XP market share falls below 50%

Though it is still the world's most popular operating system, Windows XP no longer has a majority of the global OS market share.

Fujitsu debuts Windows 7 smartphone

Fujitsu has announced a new smartphone that is capable of running Windows 7.

Lenovo intros three tablets, one with Windows 7

Computer manufacturer Lenovo has just tossed new flames into the tablet fire, including a rare Windows-powered iPad competitor.

Windows XP will finally, really die in 3 years

No seriously this time...

Asus bullish about Windows 7 for tablets

Android and iOS may be wildly popular mobile operating systems, but Asus believes there are still a number of consumers who just can't tear themselves away from Windows - even on a tablet.

Windows 8 now in the hands of PC makers

Yep, you better believe it.

Report: Microsoft to launch dedicated tablet OS in late 2012

Are you jonesing for a dedicated Microsoft tablet OS? Well, you'll just have to make do with Google's Android and Apple's iOS until late 2012.

Microsoft rolls out Windows 7 SP1

Microsoft is currently rolling out its first Windows 7 service pack to users via the automated Windows Update and  Download Center.

New tablet can dual-boot Windows 7 and Android

LG has its glasses-free 3D tablet, the G-Slate, Samsung has its great-selling Galaxy Tab, and Motorola will be the first to have an Android 3.0 tablet, so tablet-making companies have to do something special to catch attention. ViewSonic appears to have done that.

Video: How to run OS X on a Chrome notebook

Booting Linux on a Chrome notebook? Well, that's to be expected. Running Mac OS X Snow Leopard on the Cr-48? Now that's downright impressive!

Windows 7 was Alice's idea

You know those ads where some vacant kid declares that Windows 7 was his idea? Well, they have them in the UK, too.

Is making a Windows 7 for tablets like putting lipstick on a pig?

There’s been much speculation about next-gen tablets powered by Microsoft Windows 7. 

However, recent rumors point towards a Redmond-branded tablet featuring a specialized UI running on top of a standard Windows 7 kernel.

Microsoft tips off a 2012 Windows 8 launch

It looks like the next-generation Windows operating system is less than two years away.

HP goes for Windows 7 in $800 Slate tablet

After it seemingly shelved plans for a Windows-based tablet device, HP has now re-confirmed the Slate 500, a more functional device than the iPad aimed at a business consumer crowd.

Acer will continue to offer Android/Windows 7 dual-boot

Netbook specialist Acer is apparently pleased with the idea it was the first to introduce: creating a netbook that lets users run either Windows 7 or Android.

IE9 beta launch: Part 2 of Microsoft's quadruple threat

Much of the last decade was defined by Microsoft missteps and outright mistakes.

CUPP debuts ARM-x86 Hybrid PC

Have you ever dreamed of owning a rig that combined x86 and ARM architecture onto a single, seamless platform? Well, you can stop fantasizing, because switching between an ARM-based OS and Windows 7 is now as simple as pressing alt+tab.

Windows 7 Asus Phone spotted in Pakistan

A sleek Windows 7 prototype phone apparently manufactured by Asus has been spotted in Pakistan.