Japan kicks off floating wind turbine program

Japan officially began drawing power from a 2-megawatt floating wind turbine off its southwestern coast on Monday, the first of two floating turbine test projects that the country hopes could prove to be a significant source of energy in the post-earthquake/tsunami era.

Are more wind turbines the answer?

A new study appears to back up the idea that building more wind power in order to meet peak demand – even if the turbines sometimes produce more energy than the grid needs – could be a better strategy than spending resources on trying to store the energy in batteries.

Wind turbines get the green light in Louisiana

They don’t really do wind power in the South – mainly because they don’t do much wind, with the exception of the occasional devastating hurricane of course.

Super-sized ship to install giant wind turbines

Here's at least least one consequence of super-sizing offshore wind turbines that you might not have considered: The equipment needed to install those turbines is getting bigger as well.

GE wind turbines take off

Since its May launch, wind power developers have committed a total of $2.7 billion - and placed more than 2 gigawatts (GW) in orders - for the 1.6-100 wind turbine from General Electric (GE). 

Vertical axis urban turbines go global

Tony Verrelli, CEO of a Toronto start-up known as Cleanfield, believes that the market potential for urban wind turbines is massive, and he's making some bold moves to prove it. 

Wind Turbines: “It’s always something"

It seems that wind turbines change how heat dissipates in the areas downwind of them, because they slow the wind as it spins their propellers. Once one begins to think about it, this domino effect makes perfect sense.

US wind power grid could provide reliable supply

Researchers have proposed a wind power grid linking offshore turbines along the east coast of the US as a way of smoothing out fluctuations in supply.