Hybrid wind turbine goes solar

Go big or go home, right? That seems to be the thinking at the University of Bath, which has headlined a report on a new renewable energy device design with the not-so-timid claim: “New hybrid technology set to change the future of renewables.”

Wind turbine farms clean water from desert air

As climate change continues to become more apparent, scientists say we are in for lots more hot, very dry weather in some regions of the world.

This wind turbine is made out of Lego

Lego is going green with its toys with a 13-inch tall, three-bladed, fully articulated wind turbine that both turns and pivots.

Mini wind turbine powers iPhone

Where would we be without the blogger/designers? For one thing, we wouldn't know about the iFan, Tjeerd Veenhoven's concept design for charging an iPhone without plugging it into a conventional power source.