Wind power a winner in Obama tax revamp

President Obama wants to lower the corporate tax rate while eliminating numerous loopholes.

Are Republicans our wind power saviors?

The production tax credit (PTC) for renewable energy didn't shrivel up and blow away when Congress failed to include an extension with tax legislation passed earlier this month. 

Are lithium batteries a solar storage game-changer?

The wonders of solar and wind power are incredibly promising, but the true barrier to effective energy use is the actual storage.

US wind power shows strong growth in 2011

Wind energy continues to power ahead in the US. 

Don't be fooled on wind power and birds

The view there on Keystone is full speed ahead, send the dilbit on down – even as government scientists and conservation groups [PDF] raise

US wind power surges

If you thought you were seeing a lot of stories about new wind power plants in Colorado, there's a reason for that.

Wind power gets a nod from patent office

GE is trying to figure out how to make larger generators and the Obama administration is funding an R&D center in Maine that will make and test giant turbines.

Wind power capacity to triple by 2017

The world's total wind power capacity, including both onshore and offshore projects, will triple by 2017, cleantech analyst Pike Research says in a new report.

Cleantech clinches $1.4B from family syndicate

Uncle Sam’s not writing the check, but a coming infusion of cash into the cleantech sector via the private sector is nothing to sneeze at.

DIY wind turbine project goes open source

If you live in an area that sees a fair amount of wind and you’d like to reduce your utility bill by harnessing some of that wind power, a wind turbine might be a good idea. 

Car crosses Australia using wind power

A wind-powered car has just completed its first long road trip - from Perth to Sydney - at a cost of just $15.

Google signs long-term wind power deal

Google's signed a 20-year deal to buy power from an Iowa wind farm as part of its plan to become carbon neutral.

Cyrene Quiamco's Aeolus mobile phone breaks wind

Breaks wind barrier in phone technology. Damn you short headlines designed for ADD Internets.

Wind farms could raise temperatures

Opponents of land-based wind farms have a new ally in the form of MIT. Researchers there say that, far from mitigating global warming, land-based wind turbines actually increase the temperature around them.