Wind energy: On the grid, off the checkerboard

As wind farms grow in importance across the globe as sources of clean, renewable energy, one key consideration in their construction is their physical design -- spacing and orienting individual turbines to maximize their efficiency and minimize any "wake effects," where the swooping blades of one reduces the energy in the wind available for the following turbine.

Apple patents a wind energy storage design

There’s no plan to put a wind turbine on the iPhone or iPad, so far as we know – but Apple nevertheless is apparently dabbling in wind power technology.

High altitude wind energy gets analyzed

Wind turbine power technology has certainly come a long way over the centuries.

Is wind power a viable alternative energy source?

More evidence that clear, strong policies are key to renewable energy development came recently via the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA).

Deepwater wants a wind farm in the Atlantic Ocean

Deepwater has proposed the construction of a "Wind Energy Center" that would be capable of generating enough electricity to feed the grids of at least several East Coast states.