The sound and red-headed fury of Brave

Back in the seventies, movies didn't open on 4,000 screens the first day of a film. 

Exorcist, the mini-series?!

True horror fans have been dreading this day, but I guess it was as inevitable as Halloween getting remade.

A look back at Sorcerer

Sorcerer was William Friedkin’s follow up to The Exorcist. The film suffered from a bad rap for many years  simply because it received negative reviews in 1977.

Exorcist director battles the ratings board

It's funny how the MPAA works. When William Friedkin made The Exorcist back in the early 70's, it went through and got the R even with its nuclear obscenities, the crucifix scene, and many other intense moments. 

The exorcism of Killer Joe

Most people know William Friedkin as the director of The Exorcist, and for winning the Best Picture and Best Director prizes for The French Connection.