Amazon terminates WikiLeaks

Amazon has apparently terminated a Cloud-based server account hosting the controversial WikiLeaks website.

Amazon offers WikiLeaks refuge in the Cloud

The controversial WikiLeaks website has shifted data to cloud-based servers hosted by Amazon.

Is a WikiLeaks a "terrorist" organization?

The incoming chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee is demanding that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton declare WikiLeaks a terrorist entity.

Analysis: US government fails Security 101

How did the US government fail to prevent a digital leak of over three million classified and highly embarrassing documents?

White House panics as WikiLeaks recovers from DDoS barrage

The controversial WikiLeaks website has recovered from a DDoS barrage that temporarily downed its servers. 

State Department all a-Twitter over WikiLeaks

The US State Department (aka the Foggy Bottom) is all a-Twitter over the imminent release of approximately three million classified documents obtained by WikiLeaks.

ISPs across Europe raided in file-sharing investigation

Police forces across Europe conducted raids this morning on the premises of ISPs and private individuals over suspicions that they were illegaly file-sharing.

Pirate Party comes to Wikileaks' aid

Sweden's Pirate Party has offered to host several new Wikileaks servers and provide bandwidth for free.

Desperate Pentagon pleads with Wikileaks

As the US government continues to search for a way to take down Wikileaks after it posted thousands of military logs from Afghanistan, the Pentagon has stepped up and just told the owner of the site to "do the right thing."

WikiLeaks denies closure rumors

WikiLeaks has denied allegations that it's closing down, after submissions to the site were suspended.

Iceland becomes safe haven for whistle-blowers

Iceland has passed a law designed to make it a haven for free expression and freedom of information.

US soldier arrested over WikiLeaks security breach

A US soldier has been arrested for allegedly leaking classified footage of a controversial 2007 helicopter strike that killed a dozen people in Baghdad. 

Wikileaks founder told his passport will be cancelled

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has had his passport confiscated by the Australian authorities.

Pentagon's spying on us, says WikiLeaks

Whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks has accused the US government of spying on the organisation and its staff - and Icelandic authorities of colluding.