House Judiciary chairman: WikiLeaks did not commit a crime

There was an interesting development in the WikiLeaks saga on Thursday. You probably didn’t hear about it over the weekend because the fawning corporate media was too busy comparing the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to the passage of the Civil Rights Act.

Warning: UN wants to regulate the Internet

The United Nations is reportedly mulling the formation of an inter-governmental working group to "harmonize" global efforts by policy makers to regulate the Internet.

Wikileaks supporters outraged over Time's 'person' choice

The magazine's decision to pick a single, solitary person as the most important individual of the entire year is always going to be met with praise by some and criticism by more, but it seems to be a bigger deal this year.

Air Force blocks access to newspapers online

The world's bastion of free speech and liberty, the USA, has banned Air Force personnel from reading some of the most prominent and well-respected newspapers in the world.

Berkeley votes on naming Bradley Manning a hero

Berkeley City Council will today vote on whether to name the US Army private suspected of leaking military secrets to Wikileaks, Bradley Manning, a hero.

US Congress to hold WikiLeaks hearing

The House Judiciary Committee will convene on Thursday to discuss various legislative strategies that could be employed against the controversial WikiLeaks website. 

Amazon outage down to hardware failure, not DDoS

Amazon's European websites were down for a short period yesterday, in what the company says was a hardware failure in its European data center.

WikiLeaks security breach prompts US military crackdown

Kind of like the one kid at school that breaks the rules and ruins the fun for everyone, the WikiLeaks scandal has forced the US DoD to ban the use of CDs, DVDs, and thumb drives on SIPRNET computers. 

Arrest made over Operation Payback attacks

The Dutch authorities have made the first arrest over the DDoS attacks carried out against financial organizations in support of Wikileaks - and already Anonymous has responded.

Wikileaks defectors plan rival site

Several of Julian Assange's former colleagues at Wikileaks are setting up a rival whistle-blowing site, a Swedish newspaper reports.

Twitter denies suppressing #wikileaks

With companies falling over themselves to distance themselves from Wikileaks, there's been a lot of talk in the blogosphere over the last 24 hours about why Wikileaks has been failing to trend on Twitter - after all, it's probably one of the most widespread subjects of discussion on Earth right now.

WikiLeaks supporters target Sarah Palin

Supporters of the controversial WikiLeaks website have allegedly launched a blistering digital offensive against former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

Anonymous brings down Mastercard in defence of Wikileaks

The Mastercard website is down, following an attempt by the Anonymous group at 4Chan to punish the company for its treatment of Wikileaks.

Assange turns himself in to police

The chase is over: Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has handed himself into the police.

WikiLeaks threatens "poison pill" if site shut down

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has reportedly released an encrypted "poison pill" file that contains sensitive data related to Guantanamo Bay, Afghan military ops, Bank of America and the BP oil spill.

WikiLeaks security upgrades could fall short

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has embarked on a major effort to improve network security protocols in the wake of the now infamous WikiLeaks scandal.

Senator blames Obama for tepid WikiLeaks response

A Republican senator is angry at the Obama administration for its allegedly lackluster and tardy response to WikiLeaks.

Why WikiLeaks will never die

Human beings are hopelessly binary. Most perceive the world as a static equation populated by two, absolutist variables.

Wikileaks' domain down as DNS provider pulls plug

Wikileaks' website has vanished altogether from the internet, following the decision of to terminate support.

NATO details cyber defense plans

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is optimizing the dissemination of intelligence data, while simultaneously improving the protection of alliance networks.