The newest video game controller: your lips (and tongue)

Move aside, Kinect. You're old news, Wii Remote. PlayStation Move, you ain't got nothing on this. The latest video game concept has perhaps the most unique control mechanism ever seen - games that can be controlled by a human's kiss.

Online gamers are...popular, good-looking, and healthy?

The stereotype of gamers being overweight, anti-social kids with no future ahead of them is already kind of becoming a thing of the past, but a new survey really drives that point home with some statistics that blow old preconceived notions out of the water.

Pachter talks Wii 2

After years of no new video game hardware, 2011 is turning into a big year with the 3DS and Sony's NGP. And eyes are beginning to look to the Wii, which vitally needs an upgrade. But will it be too little too late?

Nintendo had a banner year, and wants you to know it

Well, the numbers are in and it's time to start bragging. Even though its sales dipped through 2010, Nintendo still says it sold the most consoles during the entire year.

Epic Mickey rumored to lose Wii exclusivity

One of the biggest trends in this generation of gaming consoles is that the idea of third-party games being exclusive to one console is becoming a thing of the past. Case in point - Epic Mickey.

Analyst: Wii 2 tech won't be anything special

Nintendo's performance in this console life cycle can be summed up pretty adequately with these two words: roller coaster. Everyone's curious about where the company will go next, and at least one analyst thinks it won't go above and beyond.

Nintendo kills Wii Speak, says you should use third-party stuff

After it pretty much stopped being used by anyone, Nintendo has said it will extremely scale back availability of the Wii Speak peripheral and is instead encouraging gamers to use third-party products.

Nintendo confident it can still attract Wii "late adopters"

To some, it may seem like the end is near for the Wii. To Nintendo, that's far from the case.

Sony sells more than 4 million PlayStation Moves

It is certainly a strong holiday season for gaming, and the new motion controllers are right at the front of it all. Microsoft just announced it has sold 2.5 million Kinect cameras for the Xbox 360, and now Sony is touting its latest number for the PlayStation Move - 4.1 million.

Move over, Tickle Me Elmo. Kids want iPads this year

They can barely read, but kids as young as six years old are already getting iPad fever. It's the most-wanted consumer electronic gift among the very young demographic.

Nintendo WiiWare digital downloads get free demos

Finally meeting up with a system that the PS3 and Xbox 360 digital download systems have had from day one, Nintendo will soon begin offering playable demos for its downloadable WiiWare games.

Nintendo tells developer to stay away from Wii Speak

It's not often that a company would specifically deter other companies from using its products, but that's exactly what happened between Nintendo and a developer of an upcoming online Wii game.

LevelUp Gaming Tower Twitter Giveaway

Enter to win a LevelUp accessory tower for PlayStation, Xbox 360 and Wii systems!

Wii Remotes: the new hot commmodity

Wii sales have started to taper off, but that's not stopping Nintendo from boasting about other sales numbers...

Madden 11 goes 3D, but stops short of a touchdown

The latest installment in Madden's NFL game franchise is going to tease us with a brand new unlocked 3D mode, even though it's not the stereoscopic 3D standard that sophisticated gamers have come to expect.

Group calls on gamers to rally outside Supreme Court

If they're not too busy sitting at home playing God of War, gamers are being encouraged to stage a rally outside the steps of the Supreme Court building next month.

Disc-free Netflix goes to Wii, completely unannounced

Stealing the thunder away from the PS3, which is also due today to receive a special app that allows Netflix instant streaming, Nintendo has just launched a "Netflix Channel" on the Wii.

Video game sales decline again

It was yet another bad month for video game sales - even worse than expected - as 2010 has become one of the worst years in recent industry history.

Special edition, Mario-themed red Wii goes to UK

The most colorful Wii console yet in its 4-year history is heading to the UK and inciting encouragement that it will be heading to the US as well.

Motion controllers are bad for your health

Interactive gaming can be seriously bad for your health, according to researchers from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.