Nintendo blows opportunity to win E3

We just stepped out of Nintendo's pre-E3 media event, and we were, in a word, disappointed.

Video: Leap Motion showcases $70 motion control tech

Motion control technology has become quite popular over the past few years, with the Nintendo Wii widely credited as the console responsible for bringing the platform to the masses. 

Epic Mickey 2 trailer launches

Disney is giving a new look at the sequel to Epic Mickey.

Square Enix bringing Dragon Quest online

Get ready for one of the most ambitious games ever built for the Wii.

New Super Mario Bros 2 coming to 3DS, not Wii

The first sequel in the New Super Mario Bros franchise will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

'The Avengers' to spawn video game franchise

Put an entire team of class-A superheroes together, and you get more than just a video game.

Kirby compilation coming to Wii

Did you know that Kirby is celebrating his 20th birthday?

MLB 2K12 million-dollar video game competition

If you're an awesome baseball video game player, you might end up being $1 million richer in just a few months.

Sonic 4 Episode 2 brings cooperative play

Fans are finally starting to get a look at the new entry in the "old-school" Sonic the Hedgehog franchise.

Best Buy details 50 store closings

Best Buy has announced which of retail stores will be shutting its doors.

Lawsuit leads to Gamestop "used game warning"

Step aside, surgeon general. There's a new product that's getting slapped with a warning label.

Hunger Games video game is in the works

Hunger Games movie studio Lionsgate says adapting the title as a video game is a "no-brainer."

Ubisoft wants to be #1 Wii U publisher

Publisher Ubisoft wants to be the biggest third-party name on Nintendo's upcoming console.

Active video games don't, erm, make kids active

Giving children active video games does nothing to increase the amount of exercise they get, new research has shown.

Wii video streaming pilot was unsuccessful

Nintendo's pilot project of offering video streaming through the Wii console has come to an end.

Hulu Plus Wii app now available

Just like Netflix, the Wii was the last one picked to receive Hulu Plus compatibility, but the days of waiting are now over.

Nintendo's Wii U might not be called the Wii U

After suffering a mountain of confusion and complaints, Nintendo appears to be ready to re-brand its next-generation console entirely.

Wii snubbed in new Tiger Woods game

For the last 10 years, Nintendo console owners have come to expect a new entry in the Tiger Woods PGA series every year.

Nintendo Wiiware policy frustrates developer

All that Icon Games Entertainment wanted to was brag about how many times its downloadable Wii games had been purchased.

Crysis 2, Gears of War 3 among 2011's most pirated

TorrentFreak has just released its report on the most pirated games of 2011.