Miiverse will be divorced from other social networks

Not exactly known for its open connectivity, Nintendo will not tie its Wii U online service to Facebook.

Nintendo confirms no used game blocking on Wii U

With speculation that the Xbox 720 and PS4 might ban used games, Nintendo confirms the Wii U welcomes all titles.

Wii U facing calibration issues

The Wii U is still months away from release and Nintendo is already talking about how it needs to be improved down the road.

Claim: There will be no PS5, Xbox 7202, or Wii U 2

If you think that video game consoles as we know them are on the way out, at least one visionary shares the same thought.

Wii U controller almost didn't happen

The Wii U experience is all about the controller, but that controller almost didn't come to be.

Nintendo: Wii U to support free-to-play games

Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata says its next-gen Wii U console will support a free-to-play gaming model.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 coming to Wii U: rumor

One of the hardest of hardcore games might have the Wii U in its sight.

Nintendo confirms no multi-touch with Wii U game pad

Nintendo doesn't want your Wii U controller to function like an iPad or an Android tablet.

Does Nintendo lack a Wii U killer app


A prominent industry analyst says he believes Nintendo has adopted a "rear-view mirror strategy" with its next-gen Wii U console.

E3 2012 leaves us confused about the future

What was the main takeaway from this year's E3? That would depend on who you asked.

ZombiU might not be exclusive to Wii U

One of the most ambitious Wii U titles shown at E3 might already have its eyes on other platforms.

Wii U: We still don't know what it's all about

So after two years of press conferences, interviews, and hands-on, we still don't know Wii U's full story.

Nintendo blows opportunity to win E3

We just stepped out of Nintendo's pre-E3 media event, and we were, in a word, disappointed.

Nintendo shows off Wii U

Nintendo has released a sneak peek of its upcoming Wii U gaming console, touting a new GamePad and Miiverse social network.

Official Wii U page promises launch game reveals

Expect there to be a strong message next week that the Wii U is fully prepared for launch.

Wii U will be called Wii U after all

It appears Nintendo is confident with the name of its next console.

ESA says this E3 may be the best one "in a long time"

Here's what the organizer of E3 has to say about next month's event.

Nintendo E3 press conference will be broadcast live on Spike

Millions of people will watch Nintendo's June 5 presentation live on TV.

Report: Wii U controller to be tweaked

It appears as though Nintendo will have a brand new Wii U controller to show off next month.

Report: Wii U will be connected to the cloud

According to a new report, you'll be able to save your Wii U save files and profiles to the cloud.