Is Nintendo in a world of trouble?

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter says he believes Nintendo is currently in a "world of trouble."

AMD is the common (silicon) denominator for consoles and PCs

AMD dominates all three next-gen consoles: the Nintendo Wii U, Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's Playstation 4.

Iwata insists the Wii U isn't "underpowered"

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata says his company is working to alter the "misconception" that the recently launched Wii U is an underpowered system.

Not even a (belated) price cut can help Nintendo's Wii U

Nintendo may have released it's next-gen console almost a year ahead of Microsoft and Sony, but it is quite clear that most core gamers are waiting for the Xbox 720 (Next) and the Playstation 4 (PS4).

No Unreal Engine 4 for Wii U

Epic co-founder Mark Rein has confirmed that the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 will not run on Nintendo's Wii U, PS3 or Xbox 360.

Waiting for the PS4 and Xbox 720 (Next) as Wii U sales disappoint

Nintendo may have kicked off the next-gen console cycle early with its Wii U, but the real battle will obviously take place between Microsoft's Xbox 720 (Next) and Sony's Playstation 4 (PS4).

Nintendo cuts Wii U sales forecast

Nintendo has slahed its sales predictions for the Wii U, saying it now expects to sell 27 percent fewer than it previously did.

Nintendo TVii goes live on December 20

Nintendo has confirmed that its delayed TVii feature for the recently launched Wii U console will be going live on December 20.

Is Nintendo's Wii U already irrelevant?

Nintendo's Wii U console is currently flying off the shelves, but outspoken Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter doesn't believe the system is ultimately capable of competing against Sony's PS4 or Microsoft's Xbox 720.

Report: Xbox 720 to debut a year after Nintendo's Wii U

Nintendo may have recently rolled out its next-gen Wii U console, but it will be a year until Microsoft launches its long-awaited Xbox 720 in time for 2013 holiday season.

Nintendo's Wii U hits 400K

Nintendo has confirmed that its long-awaited Wii U console shipped 400,000 units its first week after selling out a few days post launch.

Nintendo to launch Wii U without TVII

Nintendo has confirmed that its next-gen Wii U console will launch without the TVii feature.

Man in line for Wii U forced to evacuate

The massive storm that is ravaging the East Coast has forced the very first man in line for a Wii U to leave.

EA has no desire to bring Origin to Wii U

Although EA's PC digital download platform is branching out to other channels, Wii U will not be one of them.

Nintendo will lose money on every Wii U

If you think the Wii U is expensive at $300, it's actually more expensive for Nintendo to make one.

Capcom wants "unique" Wii U Resident Evil game

Capcom sees the potential for an innovative Resident Evil experience on the Wii U.

Gamestop to sell Wii U games starting 11/5

Keeping in line with a newly developing trend, some Wii U games are set to go on sale before the Wii U console itself.

Ubisoft calls Wii U "surprisingly powerful"

Ubisoft has provided Nintendo's newest console a big compliment, if a bit backhanded.

Wii U voice chat is overly complex

Nintendo's new console will have the ability to chat online with other gamers, but it's kind of a muddled process.

Nintendo responds to latest Foxconn outrage

Nintendo has released a statement on the latest controversy with overseas manufacturing supplier Foxconn.