Good News / Bad News For Gamers in France

It’s often easy to forget that gaming is a world-wide phenomenon, not just a US one. Why shouldn’t people all over the world love gaming, right? While we at TGD often cover gaming in the American market, it’s interesting to see how the gaming market does all over the world. 

New tech uses WiFi for gesture control around the house

4 researchers at the University of Washington leverage wireless signals to enable whole-home sensing and recognition of human gestures. It's called WiSee. Not WiWillSee. WiSee.

Nintendo gets the chance to Wii

Nintendo has won a US appeals court decision in a patent case that will allow it to keep importing its Wii system into the United States.

Does a Wii make you meaner than an Xbox?

Playing a video game on a Wii could make you play more aggressively than if you were using an Xbox for the same game.

Wii U Pro controller will not work with Wii games

The Wii U will be able to playback original Wii games, but you won't be able to use the new console's "Pro" controller to play them.

Wii goes to $130 ahead of Wii U launch

The Wii is now cheaper than the price of three Wii games.

Sony sues over "Kevin Butler" actor

Sony has filed a lawsuit because another company has begun using the same actor in its commercials that it used to have in its Playstation ads.

Cable companies working on cloud gaming

If game consoles want to take on cable companies, then cable companies want to take on game consoles.

Wii will not be killed by Wii U: Nintendo

Nintendo is pledging continued support for the Wii even after its successor hits store shelves.

Game dev talks Wii CPU "weakness"

Akihiro Suzuki of the Dynasty Warriors franchise says the Wii U's CPU - which features three Power PC cores - poses certain "challenges" for developers. 

Total number of US gamers has declined

Although it seems impossible, the number of Americans playing video games has declined from last year.

Nintendo dominates Japanese market

As the entire world gears up for the launch of the Wii U, there's one market that is still content with current Nintendo offerings.

Video game sales down except for DS, 3DS

Nintendo's handheld platforms were the only systems to see a sales increase last month.

Consumers no longer want to pay for games

What do you think happens when the "freemium" business model becomes the norm across mobile platforms and MMOs?

Ouya isn't the disruptive console it's been hyped to be

The video game landscape is changing, but Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo need not worry about a competitor like Ouya.

Will Wright: console business guys "running scared"

Legendary game designer Will Wright says he sees a sense of paranoia among those in the traditional console gaming business.

Android-powered Ouya console is official

A sub-$100 video game console is in the works.

EA has "100% digital" strategy

Do you believe in a world where you won't be able to go to the store and pick up the latest version of Madden?

E3 2012 leaves us confused about the future

What was the main takeaway from this year's E3? That would depend on who you asked.

E3 2013 might not be in Los Angeles

There might be a radical change in one of the biggest trade shows in the technology world.