Coca-Cola touts new ‘Ekocenters’ for water, medicine and WiFi

Coca-Cola recently announced plans to deploy Ekocenters in developing communities in Africa, Asia, Latin America and North America. These one-stop shops will offer clean water, power, internet, vaccines, cooked meals, and yes, coke products, in places where all of the above are scarce resources.

Low-power Wi-Fi signal tracks movement - behind walls

The comic-book hero Superman uses his X-ray vision to spot bad guys lurking behind walls and other objects. Now we could all have X-ray vision, thanks to researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

An Android-powered Peloton Bike?

Designed from the ground up by Peloton in NYC, the Peloton bike merges a slick design with modern technology powered by Google's popular mobile Android operating system.

Google's Project Loon wants to eliminate internet dead zones

I’ll admit it. I’m uncomfortable when traveling through internet dead zones. On one hand, I’m thankful they exist, because they force people like me to unplug. On the other, I realize that education and opportunity suffer in the two-thirds of the world that doesn’t have access to a reliable internet connection.

New tech uses WiFi for gesture control around the house

4 researchers at the University of Washington leverage wireless signals to enable whole-home sensing and recognition of human gestures. It's called WiSee. Not WiWillSee. WiSee.

FCC moves to cut Wifi congestion

The Federal Communications Commission is proposing to boost the amount of available Wifi spectrum by more than a third, in an attempt to cut congestion and increase speeds.

Google offers free Wifi to its New York neighbors

Piggybacking off someone else's Wifi is generally frowned upon - but Google is planning to allow residents of a 10-block area near its offices in New York to have a free connection.

Potatoes help Boeing improve Wifi connectivity

Boeing has been flying 20,000 pounds of potatoes around US air space in a bid to improve in-flight Wifi.

Indoor positioning made more precise

Korean engineers say they've made a major breakthrough in high-precision indoor positioning that will make it faster and more accurate.

Vantec rolls out a WiFi hard drive dock

Vantec has rolled out a Wifi hard drive dock that allows users to slot in any SATA 2.5 or 3.5-inch hard drive and easily access data via an Android device or Apple iphone, iPad and iPad touch.

Teardown: Base (WiFi) iPad mini costs Apple $198

A detailed teardown and analysis of Apple's WiFi 16GB iPad mini reveals the $329 device costs Apple approximately $198 to manufacture per unit.

Carriers open up networks in wake of hurricane

AT&T and T-Mobile are opening their New York and New Jersey networks to each other's users to help people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

Report: iPad Mini will be WiFi-only

It's unlikely there will be a version of the upcoming iPad Mini with access to 3G or 4G mobile data networks.

AT&T slammed over FaceTime block

Three consumer groups have warned AT&T that they will make a formal complaint to the FCC over the company's plans to block Apple's FaceTime.

Report: Google prepping Nexus 7 tablet with 3G

A 3G-enabled Nexus 7 tablet makes perfect sense, especially with Amazon poised to refresh its Kindle Fire lineup in just a few days

Samsung buys chipmaker's mobile unit

Samsung's beefing up its patent pile with the acquisition of British chip firm CSR's mobile connectivity and location technology business.

NYC offers free Wifi from payphones

With payphones starting to look like relics of another era, the city of New York has found a way to give them a new lease of life.

Video: Unlocked router prompts SWAT raid

It seems as if an unlocked router was responsible for sparking a recent SWAT raid in Evansville, Indiana.

Cable firms promise free Wifi roaming

Five cable companies have teamed up to open their Wifi networks to each other's subscribers.

Virgin Atlantic to allow in-flight cell phone calls

Come on; say it with me... "Oh, no..."