Wi-Fi routers are easy to break into

Security experts have warned that home wi-fi routers are easy to hack and the only way to secure them is completely out of users' hands.

DIY Wi-Fi antenna adds range to Android mini PCs

There are a huge variety of affordable Android-powered mini-PCs on the computer market today.

iPavement makes the road a web hotspot

Personally, I think wiring cities for widespread Internet access is a very good idea indeed.

AT&T planning free Wi-Fi in NYC parks

It seems free Internet access is popping up all over the place these days, and now public parks are getting added to that list.

This PiCycle has WiFi Tracking Tech

Interested in electric bicycles, but hesitant to invest the necessary cash, seeing as how your last bike got lifted? 

Fear not, as the new PiCycle e-bike offers the option of integrated Wi-Fi-based technology - not only to remotely monitor the bike’s performance, but to track it if it’s stolen. 

AT&T to offer iPhone data tethering

AT&T users no longer need to feel jealous about the fact that Verizon's iPhone will have the ability to be used as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. The original iPhone carrier has announced it is working on bringing the same functionality to its customers.

MetroPCS Android phones make roaming Wi-Fi free and easy

Thanks to a new partnership with the most prolific provider of Wi-Fi hotspots in the United States, and a mobile developer that makes cell phone Wi-Fi as easy as pie, MetroPCS phones running Android can now tap into 500,000 hotspots for free while they're on the go.

Delta in-flight Wi-Fi expanding to regional jets

After having installed Wi-Fi service to virtually all of its mainline fleet, Delta will begin rolling out the service to its extensive collection of regional jets as well.

Wi-Fi Direct brings device-to-device connectivity

Wi-Fi Direct has finally become a reality, with the Wi-Fi Alliance certifying its first product.

Starbucks to begin offering free e-books, iTunes songs

As if rolling out free Wi-Fi to its entire nationwide chain of coffee shops wasn't enough, Starbucks will now offer free downloadable content if you connect to its network.

Half of mobile users willing to share location with advertisers

In the world of "try to wrap your head around this," there's a new survey out showing that around half of consumers are actually willing to share their location in order to get more relevant advertising.

Report: Verizon blocks Froyo tethering on Motorola Droid

Verizon has reportedly blocked tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot creation in its Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for Motorola's Droid.

2011 Subaru Outback to be a roaming Wi-Fi hotspot

If you're in the market for a new car later this year, you can't go wrong with a hunk of metal and four wheels that lets you take the Internet with you.

More Americans accessing the Net on mobile devices

A recent study conducted by Pew indicates that more Americans are accessing the Internet on mobile devices.

90%+ of airline passengers say "no" to in-flight Wi-Fi

Apparently, most American's aren't too keen on the idea of paying $13 just to be able to watch Youtube for a couple hours and would rather entertain themselves for free.

Starbucks touts free WiFi

Tired of paying an extra four bucks for two hours of Internet access at your local Starbucks? Well, starting on July 1st, you can surf the 'Net for free while guzzling that extra-large frappachino!

Dev Team jailbreaks Apple iPad 3G

A member of the iPhone Dev Team known as "MuscleNerd" has successfully jailbroken Apple’s iPad 3G.

Google preps Wi-Fi 802.11n for Nexus One 

Google is reportedly preparing to enable Wi-Fi 802.11n on its flagship Android-based Nexus One smartphone.

Report: Wi-Fi issues plague iPad owners

A number of iPad owners have reported wireless connectivity issues with their hallowed and "magical" tablet devices, including weak Wi-Fi reception, dropped signals and difficulty connecting to various routers.

Motorola and Sprint debut "push-to-talk" Android smartphone

Motorola has debuted what it claims is the "world's first" push-to-talk Android-powered smartphone at CTIA 2010.