Buying online when you're boozed up is a bad idea

According to a new OnePoll study, nearly a quarter of British consumers have bought products online while under the influence of happy juice. Needless to say, they regret their purchases, like most other things we do while inebriated. 

Whiskey charts course from drink to biofuel

When it comes to green, Scotland has more than that famous lush greenery going on. 

Whiskey sipping goes high-tech

Scotland takes its whiskey very seriously. So it should come as no surprise that scientists at the counrtry's oldest university have come up with a device that uses spectroscopy to test whiskey for its authenticity.

Whiskey becomes unique biofuel in Scotland

Fans of Scotch whiskey can now sip on their drink with the satisfaction of knowing that the beverage they are consuming may have helped generate renewable energy, feed some animals and take a chunk out of carbon emissions.

There's whiskey in the Jar-O!

The Canterbury Museum has thawed a crate of rare whiskey which had laid trapped under Antarctic ice for nearly 100 years.