Machines Compete in the DARPA Robotics Challenge

It was fun to see video games actually being treated like a sport with the League of Legends tournament, and now there’s what’s being called the “Killer Robot” Olympics. Sounds like something out of Westworld, so we were curious to find out more. 

Westworld is Coming to Television, With the Help of JJ Abrams

In the early ‘70s, the first big screen adaptation of Michael Crichton’s work was The Andromeda Strain, followed by the sci-fi hit that he directed himself, Westworld. With so much potential for technology to go wrong, and with pretty much every single movie destined to be remade, a Westworld reboot seemed inevitable (Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to star at one point, not much of a stretch from The Terminator).

Returning to Westworld

The late Michael Crichton was one of the "mega authors," a novelist who was an industry onto himself, cranking out best-seller after best-seller.

Android’s Dream: The Gunslinger

When treated as protagonists, androids often fill a tale with themes of the roles and definitions of humanity. Thusly, this series is taking a close look at these artificial people. Today we’re looking at The Gunslinger.