United Nations website gets hacked

A hacker who infiltrated the United Nations (UN) website has posted a list of potential network security vulnerabilities along with a detailed "map" of the organization's internal database on Pastebin.

Westboro Baptist Church hates Steve Jobs too

Our friends at the Westboro Baptist Church have found a new way of spreading misery and hatred - sorry, God's love - and are proposing to picket Steve Jobs' funeral.

Anonymous pwns Westboro Baptist Church

Cyber activists associated with Anonymous successfully hacked the official website of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church earlier this morning. The group left a map of the internal network of the church on the website, along with a note that blamed the digital infiltration on the congregation's "recent antics" to gain media attention.

God hates hackers, says Westboro pastor

Those entertainingly extremist religious nutters at the Westboro Baptist Church say they're being attacked by Anonymous - but Anonymous says it's doing nothing of the sort.