Feds want West Coast offshore wind power to move forward

A wind power project in waters off the Oregon coast took another step forward on Wednesday. It’s a project with loads of potential, but don’t get too excited yet – there’s still a long way to go before it’s a reality.

Tesla fires up West Coast Supercharger Network

Are you ready to drive your Tesla Model S from San Diego, California to Vancouver, British Colombia? That’s the tantalizing possibility now that the electric vehicle company’s Supercharger Corridor along the West Coast is filled out enough that, staying to major roads, you could likely do it without breaking much of a sweat.

West Coast drivers accelerate Leaf EV adoption

Those shrinking sticker prices on the Nissan Leaf appear to be having the intended effect – on the West Coast, especially.

Huge mass of tsunami debris headed for US West Coast

Millions of tons of debris from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami in March is headed for the West Coast of the US.