Anonymous brings down Vatican website

Anonymous is claiming to have brought down several Vatican websites, which were offline for most of Wednesday.

Zynga launches own gaming platform

Zynga is launching its own website where users can play its social games without having to go through Facebook, in a move that could have a noticeable effect on Facebook's bottom line.

United Nations website gets hacked

A hacker who infiltrated the United Nations (UN) website has posted a list of potential network security vulnerabilities along with a detailed "map" of the organization's internal database on Pastebin.

Feds seize streaming sites in Super Bowl crackdown

US law enforcement officials have kicked off a crackdown against unauthorized sports streaming sites by seizing a number of domains ahead of Super Bowl weekend.

UK's biggest ISP ordered to block pirate website

The Motion Picture Association (MPA) has succeeded in forcing British ISP BT to block access to the Newzbin 2 pirate website.

LulzSec hacks CIA website - and has fun with telephone hotline

The CIA website is the latest to go down following an attack by LulzSec.

Online ordering now available at all White Castle locations

White Castle has added online ordering at all of their locations. Life just got a little better for stoners everywhere.

Sony tracks GeoHot website visits

A federal judge has authorized Sony to obtain the Internet IP addresses of individuals who visited the website of famed PS3 hacker George Hotz from January 2009-March 2011. 

Hurrah! Royal Wedding website launched!

Oh, this is so exciting! The Royal Family has launched an official website in response to the pitiful amount of press attention being given to William and Kate's forthcoming nuptials.

Scammers 'steal' university website

A fake university created to scam Asian students out of fees found a novel way of making itself look legitimate - it stole another college's website.

Apple eyes HTML5 mobile makeover

Apple has tasked its newly formed "creative technology" team with designing interactive HTML5-based content for iOS-powered mobile devices.

Northern lights to be streamed nightly online

Most of us never get a chance to see the northern lights for real, as they only tend to be visible in the far north - but now there's an alternative.

Feds block "controversial" websites

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has reportedly blocked access to certain websites from the federal agency's computers.

Al-Quaeda launches English-language website and magazine

It's always helpful when making travel plans to know if anyone's planning to blow you up en route, so we're all very enthusiastic here at TG Daily about Al-Qaeda's plans for an English language website and magazine.

AT&T says sorry for iPad security breach

AT&T has issued an official apology to 114,000 iPad users whose e-mail addresses were inadvertently leaked by the carrier.

Man swipes police website to complain about speed cameras

A Tennessee man found the perfect revenge after he was given a speeding ticket - he bought the local police department's website, and used it to complain.

iPad stealthware spotted in the wild

A stealthware app that is reportedly capable of silently monitoring activity on jailbroken Apple iPads has been released into the wild.